Day 4- Part 4


I didn’t intend to take so long getting this trip report done! Yikes! It’s a good thing that I remember all of the more important details. If you missed any of the previous days you can….

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Day 4- Part 4  (Still at Magic Kingdom) Somehow, I’d completely forgotten about the New Fantasyland Expansion!! I’m not sure how that’s even possible. Originally, when I planned to have 6 days at the parks (you know, before my mom started in on how we needed to cut the trip a day short) I had planned on going to Magic Kingdom on a second morning and checking out the inside of the new Be Our Guest Restaurant. I’d already looked at the Quick Service menu for BOG and there was nothing either of my kids would willingly eat, so I was going to go during the morning hour which Disney lets us non-dining patrons just walk around and look at the inside of the restaurant. Plus, I figured we’d hit the new Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid ride either right before or right after checking out Be Our Guest. Even though we passed by the New Fantasyland Expansion at least twice so far on Day 4, I somehow just pushed it to the back of my mind.

Now as we headed towards New Fantasyland, I of course checked my line apps and saw that the wait was around an hour and a half for the Little Mermaid ride! And as expected, the line was extra super long for dining at BOG. Ugh. Not that we were gonna go eat there, but I was mentally kicking myself for not insisting that I was gonna stay my 6 days and/or just driving myself this trip. We walked to the Little Mermaid ride to look for the FastPass kiosk, and it wasn’t until I saw the sign that said the FastPasses were available at Mickey’s PhilharMagic that I actually remembered that I’d read that information online on more than one blog/forum. D’oh!

We walked back out to go get a FP, which was for 3:20, and then I decided I’d atleast go see the Rapunzel restroom area. It was about this time that I was really becoming aware that I was coughing and sneezing more and was starting to feel achy. Not the kind of achy from walking around all day, but the kind of achy that you get when you’re starting to get sick. Oh.No. I hardly EVER get a cold or get sick, so I was told myself I’d take a cold capsule (that was back in the room) and I’d be fine. In the meantime, we had about an hour and a half to go check out a few more attractions.

Oh, by the way, now would be a good time to mention that there won’t be many more pictures from our trip from here on out. I took some pictures of New Fantasyland (but only like 5) but I put no effort into them and they’re pretty worthless…I just wasn’t very concerned with taking decent photos this trip at all! Now back to the trip report…

It was actually starting to get warmer, and I was busting a  legit sweat for the first time this week. Zethan even took his jacket off. Zadrin said it wasn’t hot enough for him to take his jacket off… I’ve decided he’s got some blood issues or something. We decided to go ahead and go back to PhilharMagic and luckily, the next show was already open for seating! After the fun PhilharMagic 3D show, we bought a few things in the gift shop right outside of the theater and then we found a shaded place to sit for a few minutes while I decided where we’d go next. I think my body knew that we should have been back at the room relaxing by now cuz I was getting tired. We all were, actually. But we all enjoyed just sitting there and soaking up the atmosphere for a bit.

I decided that this was a great time to go to Hall of Presidents. I hadn’t gone to this attractions since Zadrin was knee high to a chipmunk, so that means Zethan had never seen it. We made our way back to Liberty Square and went inside for the short wait for the show. I’m glad we watched Hall of Presidents, but my biggest memory of this attraction was the baby that screamed for half of the show. I know that this can’t be helped, and that babies get cranky, but mostly I felt bad for the family/parents. They weren’t sitting anywhere near me. But from all of the different people that I could see who turned around to glare at the baby and whoever was holding it, they seemed to be smack dab in the center of whatever aisle they were sitting in. The theater set up for some Disney World shows does not make for an easy exit in an instance like this. I was totally distracted by all of the people turning around to look and whisper more than I was with the actual screaming.

After Hall of Presidents, we decided to get something to drink and I bought a souvenir bucket of popcorn. It was the same bucket that we got last year, but I planned to give it as a gift filled with Disney goodies anyway. We took our snacks and sat in Liberty Square to kill time and rest. Several minutes into our break, we heard an announcement that a parade was about to start featuring some high school marching band. That was pretty neat. Zadrin is in the percussion section of his high school band and I was a band geek from 6th- 12th grade, so we took the most interest in this parade. On a side note, after this trip I found out that the high school band director plans to take the band to WDW next year and Zadrin will get to perform in a parade or stage performance at one of the parks!!! I think I’m more excited about that than he is! 🙂

When it was finally nearing time to use our Little Mermaid FastPasses, we headed back to New Fantasyland. I thought we’d use the last bit of time walking around the refurbished Dumbo ride and the Casey Jr. Splash n’ Soak station, but both of the boys were losing their steam and objected to my suggestion. Pfft! I told them that we’d have to just stand near the Little Mermaid FP entrance cuz we still had about 10 minutes until our return time. Once we got to the FP entrance, I pulled the boys over to a spot out of the way but the CM posted at the entrance called me over and asked what our return time was. She looked and said, “Oh! Just go on in!” This was the only time in the history of me using FastPass that a CM let me go before the return time. I wanted to hug her! (The little things make me happy!)

The ride was ok. Even though Little Mermaid is like my 3rd favorite character, I was kind of underwhelmed. I liked it, but it’s not necessarily gonna be a must do ride on every future trip. Once we were done, we made a B-line for the exit of Magic Kingdom. We were all ready for some relaxation time in the room. Zethan and Zadrin both dozed off on the quiet bus ride back to Pop Century. Once we got back to our room, we all ended up napping for a few hours.

By the time we were all awake, it was time to get some dinner. As usual, it was our standard choices from the Pop Century food court. Burger, pizza, chicken nuggets- that’s the story of our Disney World food life. Anyway, I’d taken a cold pill and felt way better now, which was good because I needed to do laundry. Yes, you read that right. I did laundry while I was on vacation. It’s not my favorite thing to do but I’ve found that it’s easier than packing clothes for every single day of our trips. Plus, when we fly it keeps our luggage lighter. There’s a laundry room right next to the Computer Pool that the boys prefer to swim in, so I rolled the dirty clothes to the laundry room while the boys started their pool time.

Since it had gotten hotter on this day, it was a really nice evening next to the pool. The boys made friends with a few kids and they all played various games in the pool together. I chatted with a couple of women who were on laundry duty too and we all watched our kids splashing around in the pool. It was a super awesome evening! I had planned to go back to Magic Kingdom to watch Wishes, but I decided not to push my luck since I was feeling better after taking the cold pill. Instead, after laundry/pool time we went back to the room and then walked around the resort and went over to take a quick walk through part of the Art of Animation resort across the bridge. I made a mental note to carve out more time in the future to explore at AoA.

By now it was time to just get ready for bed. We only had one more park day left and we would be going to Epcot! That’s my favorite park! I had specific plans for our last park day, but as you will see, things did NOT go as planned!!

See Ya Real Soon!


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