Day 4- Part 3

MKCastle_01Hi y’al!! Do you remember where we last left off in my Disney World trip report? Yeah, me neither! But I’m so close to finishing this trip report, I can smell it!! Oh wait, no…that’s my chicken that I’ve got cooking in the crock pot. Anyway, I gotta go back and read the last post so I can see where I left off! If you want to do the same, or read any of the previous parts of my trip report, just

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And awaaaaayyyy we go!

Day 4- Part 3 Ok, so we were heading back to Tomorrowland from Liberty Square to have lunch. Well, my actual thoughts were that we could ride the Peoplemover, then possibly get on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin before eating. On the walk back to Tomorrowland, I took some pictures trying to get a good picture of my boys together (the annual WDW photo I like to take of them…there’s another one of those traditions I didn’t realize I have). The boys know they have to cooperate for pictures, but they didn’t want to take off their jackets because it was supposedly still cold to them and I didn’t try very hard to get a good picture because I was starting to get a headache.


After we finally got back to Tomorrowland, I checked my apps to find that Buzz Lightyear had a 45 minute wait. Bleh… Zadrin took our tickets and got us FastPasses for about an hour and 15 minutes later, I think. I just remember that it was around noon by now and the FP return time was 1:15. Now, some people will argue that this was a waste of a FP use. But I don’t want to stand in line for 45 minutes. I’d much rather go ride Peoplemover and eat lunch, then have a shorter wait in line for Buzz. So we head for the end of the short line for the Peoplemover but as we near it, I notice people are suddenly leaving line. Turns out the Peoplemover has been shut down due to technical difficulties…  Zethan gave me a “I told you we should have gotten on this earlier!” face. Eh, what can ya do? I looked around and saw that there was a Buzz Lightyear and Chip and Dale meet and greet going on. I was hoping Stitch was there too because 3 of our past annual photos of the boys were with Stitch and I wanted a new one with Stitch for this year. Turns out we missed Stitch for the morning. Oh well.

Zethan points a few seconds later and says, “Oh look! That thing that goes around!” Oh yeah, Carousel of Progress! Love it! I hadn’t even planned for us to do CoP because the boys always act so bored when we watch this. But now both of them were telling me that they like Carousel of Progress and they wanted to get in line for it. There was only like 5 people in line and the doors were just opening to allow people in, so Bam! We went right in. After several rounds of singing “It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow,” we emerged from CoP to find that the Peoplemover was still down. Story of my life! Or, I guess just story of this trip… Cue another grouchy face from Zethan. We went ahead over to Tomorrowland Terrace to have lunch.

Since I waited later than usual for us to eat lunch (I usually avoid the lunch crowds by eating around 11:00), the lines were kind of long to order our food. As usual it was simple- chicken sandwich, fries, chicken nuggets for the boys. We took our time eating since there was still a little time until we could use our Buzz Lightyear FPs. After eating, and bathroom breaks, we did some looking around Tomorrowland for Stitch related merchandise. We thought about riding Astro Orbiter but the line was way too long for a ride we thought was only Ok. Luckily, it was time to use our Buzz Lightyear FastPasses!

When Zadrin was getting good at video games some years ago, he instantly was all about beating my score on this ride! I gotta admit that I didn’t even think to research how to get a high score or max out your score on this until last year. So when our trip was getting close this year, I refreshed my mind on where to get a lot of points but I left Zadrin out on this tip! Zadrin had already called riding alone and playing against me and Zethan. So I told Zethan where to shoot for points. Zadrin kept telling me that it didn’t matter cuz he was gonna beat us either way. Well, when it was all said and done, me and Zethan both BLEW HIS SCORE AWAY!!! I forget the actual scores now, but Zadrin had just under 200,000, Zethan ended up with about 450,000 and I had 500,000 something!!! Woo hoo! I know it’s no where near the max out score of 999,999 but considering that A. I beat Zadrin, and B. I’ve never gotten higher than like 50,000 on this ride, I was stoked! When we exited the ride vehicles, I was all “Booya! We beat you!! Bam! In your face!” to Zadrin. Yes….I totally went there…to my 14 year old son…I have no regrets! Hee hee! He was not excited about the outcome!

Here’s our ride photos. You’ll see the crazed look on my face as I played. It was that serious! Haha! But not really…45190820006 45190820007My victory left me feeling overly confident apparently, because after we got done, I told the boys “Yep, I think we’re done here! Let’s go!” And as we began to walk towards Cinderella’s Castle, I whip out my touring plan and then I almost screamed. I totally forgot about the New Fantasyland!!! I told the boys I was just kidding about us being done and told them we were headed to see the New Fantasyland and ride the new Little Mermaid ride. On the way there I realized I had been sneezing and coughing more and more over the last couple of hours. Stupid allergies! But I hadn’t sneezed or coughed all week so far….hmmmm.

Well there’s not much left of this day, but I’m stopping here cuz I want to put the rest of the day in a new post!

See Ya Real Soon!


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