Day 4- Part 2

foolishmortalsWelcome foolish mortals, to my Disney World trip report! Yes, I’m still working on this trip report 2 months after my trip. But that’s actually good for me considering the last time I attempted a trip report it took me like 6 months to get what I wrote done, and I didn’t ever finish it! As usual, if you want a quicker way to get to the previous parts of my TR:

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Day 4- Part 2: Magic Kingdom (still)- As you might have guessed, our next stop after I got shot down for suggesting we go on It’s a Small World was Haunted Mansion! I LOVE this ride! Ok, I love most of the rides at the parks, but this is one of my favorites at Magic Kingdom! Zethan chickened out last year and didn’t want to ride HM and I sat it out with him. He wanted to ride it this year so all three of us got in line. This was probably the longest line we waited in all day (about a 30 minute wait) but I knew the wait would just get longer as the day progressed. I wanted to get some more pictures of the interactive queue at the Haunted Mansion, but they didn’t even have that part of the queue open. I don’t know if it’s because it wasn’t busy enough yet or what, but that just means I have to wait until next time to get my pictures! The ride was great! I really wish they’d add a ride photo to this attraction!


Now it was time to head to Frontierland and get a FastPass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This ride was closed for refurbishment last year, so we were looking forward to riding it. It’s one of Zethan’s favorites so he was the most excited about being able to ride it! Of course, Splash Mountain was closed for refurb this time, so we still were missing out on that! Anywho, once we got over to Big Thunder we got FastPasses and decided to go ahead and get in the standby line since the posted wait time was 25 minutes. Anything under 30 minutes is awesome in my opinion, and we were going at a good pace still and staying just ahead of the crowds. We got lucky and the line moved really quickly! It was probably only a 15 minute wait. I didn’t even have time to take pictures out of the windows along the queue (I hate holding up the line by stopping when it’s moving quickly). The line didn’t stop moving until we were headed down the ramps that lead to where we load and unload the train/mini coaster. Zethan was so excited that he was kind of dancing around in his seat next to me.


We had so much fun on BTMR! I know, you’re probably thinking that I say EVERY ride is fun or great. Well, they ARE!! I really like almost every ride/attraction at Walt Disney World!! There are definitely some rides or shows that I’m all “Meh…” about, but not many. I think I’ll end up doing a post later about the rides I like the least.

Ok, I’m getting off track! After we got done with Big Thunder, I think we had about an hour until our FastPass return time. I don’t remember for sure anymore… I do remember that I checked all of the line my apps on my phone and saw that Jungle Cruise only had a 20 minute wait, so I grabbed the boys by the hands and we skipped off to Jungle Cruise! …minus the skipping….oh, and no hand holding either… Jungle Cruise is yet ANOTHER ride that Zethan has never been on. Zadrin hadn’t been on it in several years so it seemed all brand new to him too. I love seeing my kids faces when they ride or see something new or that they hadn’t done in a long time. The humor of our boat driver/guide was cheesy as usual, but it still made everyone laugh and enjoy the ride!

DSC_0356 DSC_0358

It still wasn’t time to go back to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, so I checked on the wait time for Pirates of the Caribbean. It was only 20 minutes so of course we headed that way. The Jack Sparrow Pirate Tutorial show was just beginning, but I really had no interest in seeing it other than taking a picture of Jack Sparrow. Check!



Turns out that something about the Pirates ride creeps out Zethan, so he decided he’d rather watch the show. We found a good spot where he could wait and watch Jack. So once he was armed with his phone and a pre-lunch ice cream cone, me and Zadrin went to get in line for Pirates of the Caribbean. I know you’re probably tired of hearing this, but this is one of my favorite rides! I really enjoy it! Zadrin likes it too, and he told me that there were a lot of details that he hadn’t noticed before and he liked how the animatronics were so life like. I love that he appreciates the work put in to everything at Disney!

Once Zadrin and I got done on Pirates, we met Zethan back at his waiting spot and headed back to Big Thunder to use our FastPasses. Zadrin grabbed a pre-lunch ice cream on the way even though we planned to have lunch after BTMR. But hey, vacation is the only time they get to have ice cream at any time of the day! By the time we went to use our FPs, the standby wait time at BTMR was 45 minutes. The FastPass line moved quickly and we were back on the ride and ready to go! Zethan was giddy all over again! I was trying to get a picture of the moment but he was so excited that all I got was this blurry shot:


After another fun ride on Big Thunder, it was time to figure out where we were gonna have lunch. Columbia Harbour House in nearby Liberty Square seemed like a great pick, since it IS my fave quick service place in Magic Kingdom, but oh no no… I decided we were gonna walk all the way back to Tomorrowland for lunch. There’s a method to my madness! Come back to see what it is!

See Ya Real Soon!


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