The Trip Report

disneymapOk you guys, I got home from my Walt Disney World trip on Saturday night, but I started getting sick on Wednesday night, and after running the flu-like gambit and feeling like crap on a corndog for the past few days I finally sat down to tell you all about my trip! It was actually a great visit to WDW! I had several “ahhhhhh” moments where I shed a few tears as Disney pulled on my heart strings and reminded me why I love making this venture so often. Ok, I admit it…I’m tearing up again right now…

Anywho, I’m gonna try to give you as close to a play-by-play trip report as I can while my memory is still fresh on all the details! Not all at once though, cuz my self diagnosed ADD won’t allow for such nonsense! 🙂 But read on for Day One!

The Arrival- I’m gonna do us all a favor and totally skip the insanely boring, overwhelmingly long road trip from Slaton, TX to beautiful Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. Me and my boys (chauffeured by my parents) got to our room at Pop Century at around 4:00 p.m. and after we got our Key to the World cards, we headed to our room. During online check-in I opted for requesting a room closer to bus transportation and so we got room 0117 in the 70s building! It was a 4 minute walk from the room to the bus stops and the main building! Yes, I actually timed it!


I didn’t bother with unpacking right away because I wanted to head straight to Epcot for the Flower Power concert so that I could see Micky Dolenz from The Monkees! I’d made plans to meet one of my Facebook Disney group friends there if time allowed. So, we freshened up and headed out to catch the bus to Epcot. I met up with my friend Deb and we all found a good seat for the concert. It was really a fun show! I thought Micky Dolenz performed very well. It was an excellent way to kick off our Disney World vacation! After the show, I walked a bit chatting with Deb, then we went our separate ways in World Showcase.


My kids love to shop at Mitsukoshi in the Japan pavilion because they have all kinds of Anime’ related paraphernalia that they are in to (go figure, since they could find most of this stuff at our local mall). But my youngest wanted to get a Sonic the Hedgehog cap, so Mitsukoshi it was!! After that, we strolled relaxingly back to the main Epcot entrance/exit so that we could go ahead and get back to our room. I wanted to let the boys swim a bit before bed. We needed to be up early the next morning so that we could make rope drop at Dinsey’s Hollywood Studios!

Ok, that’s all ya get for now! I’ll have a post about Day Two soon!
See Ya Real Soon!


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