I’m a Disney World obsessed mom of two! I love connecting with fellow Disney fans and talking about the important things in life….Disney World and future WDW trip planning ! Live, Love, Disney!

My YouTube Channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/AllDayDisney

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  1. Me too, me too!!!!! Lots of haters out there, though…but the good will rule! My daughter just moved down there in June to go to school, so I’ll be visiting…lol! Two trips planned already for October and December!!! Yay!

    • Haha! I know exactly what you mean about the haters! I’ve learned to ignore them. 🙂 I wish I was going before my next definite trip in March! Have fun!

  2. LOVE your down to earth views of vacationing at Disneyworld. YOU are so good at it. It has been nearly 25years since my family and I visited the Magic Kingdom. MY children are grown now. Still even though I cannot afford to go at this stage of my life; THE MEMORIES are the best.
    DO they still have the Disney Story on Main St.? Walt Disney was the most incredible man in the world.
    Anyway thanks for your blogs and website. He would love your enthusiasm.

    • Thanks Vicki! I haven’t posted in forever but I’ve got a new video that I’m posting tomorrow and I’m going to get the rest of my race/trip report posted soon! Plus, I have a trip coming up soon! Oh wow, things have definitely changed since you’ve last been! I’ll make sure to get some good videos and pictures just for you when I go in December! Thanks for reading! Glad to have you! 🙂

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