The Important Decisions

checklistThere are SOOOOOOOO many aspects of planning a Walt Disney World vacation. Some of the newbies, who haven’t learned (a.k.a haven’t done enough research) about the importance of planning a Disney trip, don’t even realize their mistakes until their trips are over and they are back home. Some of these newbs even come home and complain about how much of a waste of money their Disney vacation was because they stood in lines for hours and hours and didn’t do as much as they could have done had they had some kind of plan! I’m not saying everyone should be an all out Commando planner, (and no, this kind of Commando has nothing to do with the lack of undies) but having some kind of plan BEFORE you get to the parks goes a long way towards having a great, magical trip! By the way, I’m Commando-ish with my planning. But it works for us!

Seasoned Disney Veterans usually have their park touring plan down pat, engraved into their brains, ready to go at a moment’s notice. You could probably air drop one of these folks at the front gate of any Disney World park and they’ll be like, “No problem….I got this!” The important decisions for many Disney Vets are things like where to dine, park bag or no park bag, is this the year to try a Dole Whip, or how can I add one more day to this trip. Or maybe those are just some of MY important decisions…

I’ve been focusing on where we’re eating for this trip. If you read my post about food at the parks, (The Food Thing) then you know I’m a boring counter service eater. Knowing this, you’d think that there shouldn’t be a big concern about where we’ll be eating during our upcoming trip, right? Ok, well you’d actually be right. As long as they have something my kids will eat and my favorite Triple Chocolate Cake….we’re good to go! But I’m trying to plan it so that we eat at some of the counter service places that we haven’t been to in the past few trips. Especially at Animal Kingdom. I refuse to eat at Pizzafari this year! Nothing against Pizzafari, but Flame Tree Barbecue is calling my name!

Ok, well this post was a short break from looking for the portable DVD player that my kids watch movies on during the road trip. It must be found! Or it could make for a long, long trip…

See Ya Real Soon!


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