The Food Thing

foodieI’m not a foodie.

I know there are people who enjoy fabulous table service meals at Walt Disney World, and they take pictures of their food and post awesome dining reviews from their trips. Me and my kids eat primarily at counter service places, so if I did a dining review it would something like: Burger, burger, pizza, chicken nuggets, burger. There might be a morning or two when I have a Mickey waffle or breakfast sandwich, but other than your basic fast food selections, it’s yummy baked goods, ice cream and candy! In fact, I make it a point for us to have ice cream for breakfast at least once per trip.

Now, when I finally get to do a solo or peer WDW trip, I’m gonna be all over some table service meals! Well, maybe “all over” is a bit exaggerated. I’ll do a few table service places, but since I’m not a foodie, my selections will still be pretty basic- steak, chicken, burger (but slightly better than a counter service one), pizza (Via Napoli instead of the pizza-matic one). Every once in a while we do the ‘Ohana character breakfast, but my kids aren’t big breakfast eaters so it seems like a waste of money unless I plan it when I know I can get them to actually eat more than two bites!

Ok, so back to my point. I’m not a foodie, yet lately, I find myself feeling left out when my Disney friends are online raving about where they ate while at Disney World. It usually sounds like this to me:

“I ate at Such and Such restaurant! Their Blah Blah Blah is excellent!” or “The This and That from Yada Yada restaurant was sooooo good!”

Then, here I am all, “I had a Mickey waffle for breakfast and the Angus Burger with fries at lunch…at the food court…”

Snoozeville, I know. There’s this little part of me that wants to break out and suddenly try all kinds of different food during my next trip to WDW. I’ll arrive at Epcot all gung ho to at least try counter service at Katsura Grill in Japan, Sommerfest in Germany, or something from Tangierine Cafe in Morocco. But after staring at the menus, I’m most certainly going to turn to my kids and ask, “Burger at Electric Umbrella again, right?”

Sigh…eh, what can ya do?

See Ya Real Soon!


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