Packing and My Disney Box

boxI had planned to post at the one week mark of when I’m leaving for Disney World, but my preparation efforts have been keeping me busy (plus, it was my one full weekend this month to work). So here it is, Wednesday, and I still have to start packing. I did my preliminary packing on Sunday evening, which is really just me getting out our suitcases and my Disney Box full of stuff that I may or may not want to take with us.

My Disney Box has actually grown into the Disney Box and 2 Storage Bags. I keep Disney related items that I use to either decorate our resort room window or things we take to the parks. So it has things like my small Disney stuffed beanies, my Snow White miniature figurine, glow sticks, mini fans and fans/spray bottles, rain ponchos, light up necklaces and spinners that my kids and I use at night, my travel first aid kit, our old Epcot World Showcase passports, souvenir napkins (ummm, yes I actually bring napkins back almost every trip), our past Key to the World Cards and tickets, Disney seek and find and puzzle books…..well, you get the idea. I could go on and on. I won’t actually be taking very many items from the Disney Box, but once I get back, there’s gonna be lots of things that I add to the box! There’s no real rhyme or reason to why I keep some of the things I keep, other than I’m a Disney World fanatic!

Yikes! I gotta go finish some laundry that I’m taking with us, and since I work tomorrow, I better get this done! I’ll be posting some highlights while I’m at Disney World!!

See Ya Real Soon!!


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