I Miss DME!

dmeOk, so for any of you who are Disney World obsessed like I am, you know that sometimes you get Disney withdrawals. The sadness, depression and uncontrollable crying…err, I mean slightly teary eyes…are enough to send any die-hard Disney Parks fan into Bad Mood City.

Yes, I know my trip is in 2 weeks but I’m finding that this second trip in a row driving instead of flying to The Most Magical Place on Earth has me really missing one of my favorite parts of arriving in Orlando: Disney’s Magical Express. (DME) Each time we fly into MCO Airport, me and my kids know we’re only minutes away from the start of our magical vacation even before we step onto Disney property! The buses are awesome! And they play a neat little Welcome video on the ride to your resort, and best of all, I don’t have to bother with renting a car and getting us to the resort! ❤

Last year, when my youngest son kept asking how much longer til we got there, at the 15 minute-ish mark he looked at me and said “There’s supposed to be a video or something!” He was 9 then, so he knew there wasn’t going to be a video that magically started playing in our minivan, but he had already told me he wished we could take DME from the airport to Pop Century. He even asked if my parents could just drop us off at the airport so we could just go get in the Magical Express line! Hee hee! If only…

Alas, no DME for us AGAIN this year! But by golly, come hell or high water, we WILL fly to Walt Disney World for our December trip and I WILL be united with those red plush seats and watch the Welcome video and try not to cry those fabulous tears of joy!

See Ya Real Soon!


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