He’s Just Not That Into Disney

I’ve been in more than one serious relationship in my lifetime. None of them ended up working out (luckily). Looking back, even though it had nothing to do with why each relationship ended, I realized that none of the men cared about going to Disney World with me. They had no desire to go. One ended up deciding to go with me and my kids one year, but he stayed in the room and didn’t want to go to the parks at all. He actually ended up leaving a few days earlier than us because he was bored. 😳

I really don’t know why at the time I didn’t see that as a problem. Can a relationship work if the couple don’t have the same interests? Yes, of course it can. But as someone who loves going to Disney World and is definitely obsessed with going, it’s not great if the other person has no interest in going with you to your favorite vacation spot.

By now, I’ve figured out that my Disney World obsession is a deal breaker for men who don’t want to go to Disney World or who think it’s just weird that I want to go so much. But I don’t even care about getting rejected by guys that aren’t willing to give Disney World or any Disney Park a try. Sorry, not sorry, but I’m not going to stop going to Walt Disney World because someone thinks I should just try other places to go. I have my own suggestion for where they can go… 😈

If he’s not into Disney, I’m probably not going to be into him. °O°


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