My Favorite Hidden Mickey

I love finding Hidden Mickeys when I’m at Disney World. Some are far less hidden than others, but it’s still exciting to see them around the parks and resort hotels. I didn’t realize until recently that I have a favorite Hidden Mickey. I actually have two that are stand outs for me while one is more sentimental, therefore my very favorite. It’s the one on the tiled floor of the Pop Century food court.

So, apparently there is more than one on tile floor here. I’ve seen three other pictures online that are on different color tiles than this one. This one is near the registers where you pay for your food from the food court. This one is my favorite because it’s the one my kids found one year when they were young and then they continued to look for it when we’d stay at Pop Century. That made it sentimental to me and I still love seeing this picture.

I haven’t been to Pop Century in a while but now I want to at least stop by during a trip to see this Hidden Mickey and look for the others. That sounds like a whole thing that I need to do. “Hidden Mickeys at Pop Century.” Dang it. If I lived near Disney World, all of these ideas I’m having for adventures at Disney would be easier.

Stay tuned…this is gonna happen! °O°


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