Nap Stations at Disney World

Ok, so nap stations aren’t a thing, even though there are plenty of adults who lay down in various places around Walt Disney World to take a nap. But for a while now, I’ve wished Disney had special areas that could be rented out for an hour or two, just so that you can rest, eat, or take a short nap. I’d probably be willing to pay for a little Rest Cabana or Nap Station in the Disney Parks.

My daydreams about this include a little cabana area with a small table and chairs plus a few lounge chairs in places like the top of buildings on Main Street or Tomorrowland, or something in EPCOT similar to the DVC Member Lounge, only they’d be available to whoever chose to rent them out. They’d be placed where people walking around at street level couldn’t see them, but they’d offer a partial view out over the parks. I don’t necessarily want to take a nap myself, but I’d love to rent something like this for about an hour and take my quick service lunch or dinner to one and eat and just take a break before getting back to touring the parks.

Since I purchased my Disney Vacation Club as a resale contract, I’m not able to use the DVC Member Lounge at EPCOT. I’d have to buy the minimum amount of points directly from Disney to get that and some other benefits that aren’t included with a resale contract, but even if I had access to the DVC Member Lounge at EPCOT, it doesn’t have sectioned off areas like I imagine for the Nap Stations.

These would never be built and offered at Disney World (unless they make them for those exclusive Club 33 members), but I’m gonna keep daydreaming about the fictional Nap Stations when I’m there. °O°


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