Dessert Party and Fireworks Seating

In 2017, I went on a friends trip with some of the people I met in a Facebook Disney related group. We all became good friends and had met each other prior to this trip. Anyway, during this trip, we were able to attend the 35th anniversary of EPCOT on October 1st. That was exciting for me because this was the first time (as far as I remember) that I was in one of the parks on the actual anniversary day.

One of the things we did during this trip was attend a Dessert Party that also included a special viewing area for the Illuminations fireworks show at EPCOT. The dessert party itself was ok. There were a lot of different desserts and drinks we were able to enjoy, but I was really excited to be able to view Illuminations from the area that was designated for those of us who purchased the Dessert Party tickets. I like watching the nighttime shows at the parks and I had hoped that there was going to be a really great spot to watch from because of the party.

The area actually wasn’t bad. I believe it’s called Rue de Paris at the France Pavilion. I was impressed that there was plenty of room for all of the Dessert Party attendees and I was really excited to be this close to the show when Illuminations started. My complaint about this area was that a lot of ash from the fireworks fell on us almost the entire time. One woman who was using her mobility scooter was about 5 feet from me, and at one point a huge chunk of still-burining firework ash landed in the basket of her scooter. Luckily, she was very calm and was able to pull the fiery chunk from her scooter’s basket before it burnt anything.

The rest of the time, smaller chunks of ash floated down and landed on me and my friends. Some even got in my eye, which was not fun, but I still liked being able to watch the fireworks show from that spot. I don’t know if I would want to pay for a Dessert Party if this is where I would see future fireworks from, but since I still want to do a Fireworks Cruise eventually, I probably will have to deal with the falling ash again.

#FirstWorldProblems #FirstDisneyWorldProblems °O°


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