I Need Some Karamell-Küche in My Life

I watched a couple of Disney World related vlogs on Youtube today. In one of them, the vlogger visited EPCOT and went to Karamell-Küche in the Germant Pavillion. This is probably my favorite place to visit for snacks in EPCOT! I usually end up buying a bag of the caramel popcorn when I’m visiting even if I don’t eat it until later or the next day. Seeing this today really made me want some of the caramel popcorn from here, and makes me want to get back to Disney World even more!

(Speaking of YouTube, I posted a video to my channel today if you’re interested in seeing my Disney World or Not Disney World game! https://youtu.be/UPqNZuJSPSY )

Yeah, I can buy some caramel popcorn from a store near me, but I just love visiting Karamell-Küche and watching the Cast Members making the caramel popcorn and other treats while I’m waiting in line. If I lived near Disney World, this is one of the places I’d make a special trip to visit just to get some caramel popcorn, even if I did nothing else (but let’s be realistic…I would also do other things).

Now I really miss Disney World even more! And I can’t wait until I’m able to get back there and hit up Karamell-Küche on my EPCOT day! °O°


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