Someone Ate the Page – A Continuing Saga (or cautionary tale)

Is it just me, or does Disney World’s website have issues very regularly? Just kidding, that’s a rhetorical question…they definitely have issues very regularly.

For years, I’ve encountered an issue either while booking a reservation online, or trying to access or modify a reservation in my Disney account. I get that a lot of people use their website daily, but it just seems like I get this Stitch “Someone Ate the Page” error a lot (or sometimes its a “Whoops!” error featuring Olaf who has lost his head). I think I even got one with Goofy once.

At least Olaf seems to be in good spirits about the situation.

It gets annoying, but I guess over the years I’ve just learned to deal with it and try again later. But today, I decided to chat with Disney about a ticket that I had a question about. I know that the hold time to talk to someone on the phone has been long so I tried chat and began getting help pretty quickly. Then I kept losing connection to the chat, which I was doing on the My Disney Experience app on my phone. After waiting for the Cast Member to check on my ticket question for about 30 minutes, my chat screen went blank and the app redirected to the home page. The chat option was no longer available. Sigh….

I refreshed, but still no chat option. I know sometimes this has happened if the chat Cast Members are too busy and they can’t take additional chats, so I decided to get on my laptop and see if the Chat was unavailable or what. That’s when I realized that in my My Disney Experience account, ALL OF MY PLANS AND TICKET INFO WAS GONE. And I do mean all of it. It looked like I had just signed up for the account and had never linked anything or added any friends and family. My annual pass was not there, none of my linked MagicBands. Not on the website and not on the app on my phone. Did I say Sigh already? Cuz…SIIIIIGGHH.

Luckily, I’m used to Disney World’s website messing up so I wasn’t concerned that my reservations or tickets and all that were actually gone, but just annoyed at the inconvenience of needing to call Disney to get help making everything show in my account again. I double checked the Disney Vacation Club website and I could see my points and reservations made with my DVC membership there.

The chat was still unavailable, but this was more of a phone call issue by now anyway. I called and did some work while I waited more than 40 minutes to get a live person to help me. While I was waiting, I tried linking one of my reservations just to see if it would let me, but it showed that it was already connected to my account. Not surprising, but I wanted to check since re-linking everything would have taken less time than waiting to be helped by phone.

Once it was my turn, the Cast Member was very kind and empathetic. I let her know what the problem was and she started to try to figure it out but had to get someone else to look into this. It probably took about 15 minutes for them to look into the issue and get everything showing again, thankfully. Then, after all of that, I was able to see the message in my app from the original person helping with my ticket question, only to find that I have to contact them back once the water parks are open to have that question answered/resolved. That’s ok, at least I know what to do for later.

I just wish Disney’s website didn’t have so many issues all the time. I mean, I love Stitch, but I’m gonna need him to stop eating the pages. °O°


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