My Weird Dream

I was going to take the easy way out and post my normal Sunday Cheat Day post, but I forgot (again) to post yesterday AND I had a weird dream last night and decided I’d post about that.

It was a very detailed dream (all of my dreams are usually very vivid and detailed), but in short, there were snakes in my house. It started out with one smaller snake which I picked up and threw outside, but then my older son ended up telling me he found more. He started picking up several snakes very casually and threw them outside too. So I told him and my other son we needed to search and see if there were more.

Then a few people, who don’t even like me in real life, showed up and volunteered to help me get rid of the snakes, and though I’m sure there’s some interpretation to be had here, the part that stuck out to me the most was that while these people were looking for snakes in my house, I went outside to look through a box that one of them in the dream brought to my house. He brought the box because he said there could be things in there that we could use to catch snakes.

Anyway, I’m digging around and going through the box when all of a sudden there were 5 or 6 brand new Disney World rain ponchos. I asked this dream frenemy why they had/brought Disney World ponchos and he shrugged. He told me I could have them because he was never going to go to Disney World (cuz clearly that’s the only use for them…) and I was SOOOOOO excited in my dream that I didn’t even care that a baby rattlesnake slithered right past me to hide in my bedroom closet.

I woke up and I was kind of sad that I didn’t really get those ponchos.

That is all…have a great day! *O°


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