No Dr. Pepper in Disney World

I don’t know all the details or history of the agreement and such, but I do know that depending on the region of the U.S., Dr. Pepper is bottled by both Coca-Cola and Pepsi. So even if Dr. Pepper is bottled by Coca-Cola in my area, Coca-Cola might not be the one to bottle it in another state. When I was younger and went on family vacations to Walt Disney World with my parents and my sister, I noticed that the further East we went (we almost always drove from our home in Texas to the Orlando area) the harder it was to find Dr. Pepper at restaurants. Some places had Mr. Pibb, which was touted as tasting just like Dr. Pepper, so I tried it. As one who really likes Dr. Pepper, I can say that Mr. Pibb tries…but it doesn’t taste like my beloved Dr. Pepper.

I admit I was a bit disappointed to find out that Dr. Pepper was not an option at Disney World. The first time that my parents bought us the refillable mugs from the All Star resort we were staying at on Disney property, I was thinking about how it would have been really great to get my unlimited refills of Dr. Pepper. Alas, it was not to be. Uhhh, but yeah, I totally refilled that baby with other soft drinks, so…no big deal. 😁

Years later when I was taking my own kids to Disney World and realized I could have groceries delivered to my resort hotel room, I would place an order that contained everyone’s favorite sodas, water, snacks, etc., so now I could drink Dr. Pepper during out vacations! The grocery stores I’ve ordered from or been to in person in the area near Disney World have always had Dr. Pepper, so I rarely even think about how it’s not available in the parks. Also, I don’t drink sodas as much as I used to, and even though I will still have another flavor of soda in the parks sometimes, I primarily drink water.

But, if you love Dr. Pepper or any of the varieties of Dr. Pepper, just know that you can’t get it at Disney World. Disney has a contract with Cola-Cola and this division of Coca-Cola does not bottle Dr. Pepper. So make sure to plan to have some delivered to your resort room or buy it before you arrive. °O°


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  1. Not a huge Dr. Pepper fan, so I had never noticed the missing Dr. Pepper. But we make at least one trip to the grocery store to buy sodas, snacks, and quick breakfast items when visiting Disney World. It saves a ton of money so that we have plenty to spend on the festival foods at Epcot…because it seems like there is always a festival going on at Epcot (and I’m not complaining). Thanks for the article!

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