The Towel Animal Thing

You’re right…this is not a towel animal but I couldn’t find the towel Mickey Head picture I took a few years back.

For years, I read about people’s experience getting towel animals in their Disney World resort hotel rooms. It sounded like a fun thing to run across in your room but I always saw it as random magic from “Mousekeeping” instead of something that was expected all the time. Apart from a towel Mickey head on the bed a couple times in recent years, I only got an actual towel animal one time. It was this dude:

I think this was from a 2010 or 2011 trip. We stayed in adjoining rooms with my sister’s family at Pop Century. It was there in one of the rooms when we got back from the parks after our first full day and we just left him chilling there to make us smile during that week. One time the housekeeper set up my son’s Stitch plush with the remote and an unopened bag of snacks we left on the table like he was watching TV from the bed, but I don’t count that. Also, let me clarify that the Stitch picture I posted here is NOT when the housekeeper did this. I can see how I made that seem like that could be the case, but nope…and now I’m gonna shut up about that.

Anyway, some time after this trip, I commented on a Disney related forum about receiving a towel animal when others questioned how you get one, as if you had to order it, ask for it, leave a tip, etc. That’s when I realized that there are people who feel like they were wronged because they did not have a towel animal during their stay. Some of these people even went as far as saying that not receiving one ruined their vacation.

I don’t know how true it is, but I’ve heard that Disney housekeeping no longer makes towel animals and just leaves the towels set up as a Mickey head sometimes. I can understand some people feeling like they were left out of some kind of Disney Magic because they didn’t get a towel animal, but I wish they didn’t feel that way about something that isn’t a required part of the Disney resort hotel amenities.

Maybe it’s all the sugar from the two glasses of sweet tea that I just drank, but now I want to delve into the Disney towel animal topic and do a mini documentary about it. You probably hope I’m kidding, but I’m not. °O°


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  1. It was supposed to be a nice surprise and not expected. The housekeepers took classes (I think off the clock) and used extra (out of commission?) wash cloths and sometimes hand towels. For the most part, they supplied their own pipe cleaners, eye stickers etc. I used to take pictures and just leave them there, but have a few that were handed to me by an amazing housekeeper named Elsye at AKL Jambo. My favorite is a snowman with a hat and scarf. I brought her all kinds of felt, googly eyes, stickers, ribbon, etc. one year, because she would make them at home to bring in.

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