Random: American Flags at Disney World

One of my favorite flag pictures from EPCOT

I often take a picture when I arrive at EPCOT’s main entrance because I love seeing the American flag in from of Spaceship Earth like this. I watched part of the flag retreat in Magic Kingdom one time but I didn’t get a good picture. I don’t even think I’ve ever paid attention to the flag at Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom. Maybe I’ll remember to look for the flags next time and take pictures.

Anyway, one year I learned that some of the American flags at Walt Disney World are not official U.S. flags. They don’t have 50 stars! I was told they have 45 stars but I’ve also heard that it’s 48 stars. In any case, these flags (like the small ones on top of buildings on Main Street in Magic Kingdom) don’t have to follow the code set for real/official U.S. flags. This means they don’t have to be taken down every night or flown at half mast when the occasion requires it. Apparently this is also the case for some flags on the Disney World transportation boats.

I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to figure this out on my own if I hadn’t had someone tell me about this. I need to remember to pass this tidbit along to my sons. °O°


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