Reminiscing About Our First Stay in a Cabin at Fort Wilderness Resort

In late May/early June of 2016 we stayed at one of the Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort for the first time. In addition to me and my two sons, my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, twin nieces and my nephew also went on this trip. We got 2 cabins next to one another. This worked out to be a trip that happened almost 30 years exactly after my first visit to Walt Disney World in which my parents, my sister and I all stayed with my aunt and her family in an RV camper at Fort Wilderness campgrounds.

We really liked staying in the cabins! We rented a cart to make getting around easier and having a kitchen really worked out for us. We made easy meals in the evenings and all hung out together. It was so fun and such a good time! This was also the trip in which I had Bell’s Palsy, which made for some hilarious ride and vacation pictures because I only had half a smile.

There’s lots to do around this resort, just like all of the other Disney resorts, but I think I found this trip to be extra fun and relaxing when we spent time at the resort after visiting the parks each day!

Here’s a couple of videos from that trip. One is a very quick look at one of the cabins we stayed in and the other is from one of our rides around the resort on the cart. °O°


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  1. We’ve visited Fort Wilderness a number of times but have never stayed there. It is on our bucket list. We love the feel of the cabins. Being in separate cabins from other visitors also makes it very easy to social distance. Loved the videos…especially the fun music in the Cart Cam video. Thanks for sharing!

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