Disney World Snacks

There are sooooooo many snacks at Disney World. So. Many. Snacks. Pretty much anywhere you go – the parks, the resort hotels, Disney Springs – you can find a variety of snacks. I’m pretty sure there’s a snack option for just about anyone, but I’ll just be telling you about the snacks that are my and my sons’ favorites when we visit Walt Disney World.

I like popcorn anyway but it’s even better to get some while we’re at any of the parks and ready for a snack break. I used to always make sure I got at least one serving in one of the souvenir popcorn buckets, but then several years ago I decided to stop doing that because I never really do anything with the bucket besides put it up with my Disney World collection that’s sitting in storage containers. I’ve given a few of the buckets away and have one that I use to hold pens and highlighters, but other than that, I don’t display them. But if you like popcorn, grab some when you’re at Disney World!

Ice Cream
Hey, who doesn’t love ice cream? And if you don’t love ice cream, don’t answer. It was mostly a rhetorical question. My sons and I created a tradition years ago where we would have ice cream for breakfast on whatever day we visited Magic Kingdom. We would wait for the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street, U.S.A. to open and grab a cup or cone of ice cream before heading off to the next ride. On other park days, we tend to get the soft serve or get a Mickey Bar or Mickey ice cream sandwich depending on what’s close by at the time. Ice cream definitely helps us cool down during the day too!

Chocolate Cake or Cupcakes
I absolutely love the Triple Chocolate Cake that I used to always get at Disney World. I first tried it in one of the food courts at either the All Star resorts or maybe at the one at Pop Century. It became my go to snack and the couple of times that I used the Quick Service Dining Plan, I used pretty much all of my snack credits on getting this cake. I haven’t had this cake in a while because I haven’t found it at the places we’ve eaten at and I haven’t stayed at a Value resort in a few years so I don’t know if it’s still available like it used to be.

To get my cake fix I’ll look for a chocolate cupcake somewhere and have one of those. They’re usually oversized and pretty tasty!

Crispy Treats
My oldest son is primarily the one who gets a crispy rice treat when we’re at Disney World. There’s Mickey shaped ones and sometimes we’ve found just giant square treats, but either way, I usually end up buying a couple of these for him during our visits.

Karamell-Kuche – in the Epcot Germany Pavilion
Ok, so I listed this place instead of the specific treat that I always get from here, but they have SOOOO many yummy looking treats here and I love it! I make it a point to get a bag of the caramel popcorn from Karamell-Kuche every time I go to Epcot, but I’ve also had some of the other awesome snacks that they have here. I love this place!

So, that’s it! I’m not saying we don’t get any other snacks at Walt Disney World, but these are the main ones that we always get and that are our favorites! Now, if only I can get back there to have these snacks again. °O°



  1. I am really missing my Disney right now. We usually stay at Saratoga Springs and love to walk over to Ghirardelli for a sundae. My favorite is the Mint Bliss sundae there. Thanks for Letting me live through your blog right now.

    • I’m missing it too! We were supposed to be staying at Saratoga Springs in November but I’m most likely canceling that reservation. 😦 I’m going to have to remember to get ice cream from Ghirardelli one of these trips. I got a shake from there once and it was delicious! Thanks for reading my blog! 😀

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