Disney Crafting Ideas (I Need Them)

This is the only thing I’ve done with any of my collection

I’m sorry if you came here thinking I was going to share some cute Disney crafting ideas. I don’t really do any crafting, and by that, I mean I don’t craft at all. But I’m actually in search of some (easy) ideas of what to do with things from my Disney World collection (also known as my Disney World Hoarding Problem). Here’s a small sampling of some of the things I ran across today:

I have a lot of pressed pennies, there’s more than I showed in the holder here. I’ve seen people use them to make into a bracelet or a framed Mickey or Minnie head. I’m not sure I’d wear these as a bracelet so maybe creating something I can put in a frame to display is the better option here.

I’ve collected postcards from the parks over the years and I have more than just these. The obvious thing is to frame them. What else could I do with them?

Yes, these are napkins from Disney World. I used to keep them in a folder and kept them all nice and smooth and such. But I found these that aren’t in great shape and really it might be a lost cause. But I’ve seen someone use napkins and glue them to a frame or something to make it into a Disney World themed item. Maybe I could do something similar but make them into fridge magnets?

The 2 Disney Dollars that are in better shape are already in a collage frame with some other items, but I don’t know if I should try to do something fun and cute to display these somehow.

I only have one other different paper coaster other than these two. I’m not sure that there’s much to do here. What do you think?

This was the first time that I actually grabbed one of these Food and Wine Festival Passports, but only for the sake of having one. I don’t ever try any of the different foods during Food and Wine so I just wanted this to add to my collection. I also have a few Epcot World Showcase Passports.

I’ve got so many maps. TONS of maps. Park maps, event maps, resort hotel maps…from years ago all the way until 2019. I’m sure there’s a lot of different things I can do with these but I can only think of making coasters or wrapping alphabet letters with them.

I’m going to search for some ideas online but if anyone has something relatively easy and cute to pass along to me, please let me know! °O°


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