My Updated Disney Bucket List

Sometime in 2013 I wrote a post on this blog about my Disney Bucket List but I didn’t say what items were on my list. I instead linked to my YouTube channel video about my list- which is so old and (I think) shot on my laptop that it’s not great quality and hard to see these days. My list has changed since then and I’ve checked off several things and added some things so I wanted to share it here!

Here’s the original Disney Bucket List per my 2013 video (in no particular order) plus a few more that I added on which I put asterisks next to:

  1. Do a Fireworks Cruise – It’s just what it sounds like. You pay to ride on a boat to watch the fireworks/nighttime show at either Magic Kingdom or Epcot. I still want to do this even though I don’t find the price exactly worth it.
  2. Participate in a runDisney eventDONE! This is also pretty self-explanatory. I have now participated in 5 events and hope to do a few more in the future.
  3. Stay at a Deluxe ResortDONE! I have been able to stay at a few Disney Deluxe resorts so this one is complete.
  4. **Stay at least one night at every resort – So far I’ve stayed at all of the Value category resorts but I hope to stay at all of the Moderate resorts and all of the Deluxe resorts eventually.
  5. Try a Dole WhipDONE! I only tried a Dole Whip during one of the runDisney race weekends and I had high hopes that I’d love it but it was just…meh… for me. Oh well, still completed!
  6. Do a Park Tour – I still want to do a Park Tour! The Keys to The Kingdom tour is top on my list but I also might do the Behind the Seeds tour since I love Living With the Land.
  7. Visit Disneyland – Because…why not. It was the original before Walt Disney World was built and I’m sure I’ll love it too!
  8. Visit Disney World during every month of the year – This one might seem weird but after having been to Disney World so many times, my mom mentioned that we’d almost been during every month at some point. I decided I wanted to complete this. I think I only need to visit during December to check this one off!
  9. Ride Characters in Flight (at Disney Springs)DONE! This is just called Aerophile now, but I rode this with my kids back in 2011 with my kids. **The added part for this one is that we want to go on this again but at night.
  10. Visit the Disney Parks outside of the U.S. – I’m hoping I can eventually visit all of the non-U.S. parks! 😀
  11. Take a solo trip to Disney WorldDONE! I’m defining a solo trip as one without my kids. I’ve done this several times now and met friends from out of state at the parks. I did get “stuck” at Disney one year after a runDisney race and went to the parks by myself for a couple of days. That was pretty fun! I highly recommend doing this.
  12. Visit all 6 U.S. Disney Parks in one day – Yes, this is talking about visiting the 4 Walt Disney World parks and then going to California to visit both of the parks of Dinseyland. This one will take some planning but it’s absolutely doable. I don’t even have a plan to do this yet but I want to be able to check this off of my Disney Bucket List.
  13. See the inside of the Cinderella Castle suite – Now this one, it’s gonna take a moment of Disney Magic to make this happen. I don’t think the tour of the suite is offered very often and maybe not at all anymore, so unless I win a night in the suite, I may not ever get to check this one off of my list, but I’m still gonna work on it!
  14. **Own Disney Vacation Club – Honestly, I should have checked this one off of my list years ago, but when I had someone explain how it works to me back in the day, I listened to someone other than a Disney Cast Member or Disney Vacation Club representative and the misinformation left me thinking that this worked differently and I didn’t think it was worth it at all. Now that I know better, I’ve been working on how I can make this happen. Stay tuned. 😉
  15. **Go to a hard ticketed eventPartially done? I probably could have phrased this differently but I’m talking about things like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Disney After Hours, Disney Early Morning Magic, etc. I call this one partially done because I did attend an event where I got to go to a Illuminations Dessert Party that included a special viewing area for Illuminations. But I want to attend one of the parties mentioned.

That’s the list for now but I’m sure I’ll be adding more to it. Does anyone else have a Disney Bucket List? °O°


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