Moving for Disney?

Like many other Disney World obsessed people, I’ve contemplated moving to the Orlando, FL area in order to be closer to Disney World. I’ve been thinking about this for YEARS. My kids are now 22 and 17 years old and I debated moving there back when I only had one child. At one point, I decided I’d wait until both of my sons were out of high school before I moved. That happened this year, but even before the madness of Covid-19 I started thinking that moving to the Disney World area probably isn’t really what I want.

On the one hand, I’d LOVE being able to head over to the parks once I get done with work on any given day, or making last minute plans to go on a day off. On the other hand, I’ve listened to so many people who moved there and heard about things they had to adjust to after moving to Florida. I’m not convinced that I’d be happy living there versus visiting for a vacation or short getaway trip.

One of the major things is that the cost of living in the area is higher compared to where I live now. I’d have to either get an additional job or work longer hours at my current job to make up the difference. Either way, there would be less time for visiting Disney World and exploring the other things to do in the Orlando area.

The weather is another big concern of mine. I live in Texas and though the weather can be similar to Central Florida, Florida gets way hotter and a lot more humid than where I live. As it is, I stopped going to Disney World during the hottest times of the summer because it gets brutal walking around in that heat and sticky humidity. I intentionally went in August 2019 but only because I graduated from Full Sail University and wanted to attend my graduation. But I was just non-stop sweating the day we went to the parks. Hurricane season makes me hesitate to move there too.

As you’ve noticed by now, this isn’t a post meant to persuade anyone to move to the Disney World area. I’m admittedly not very helpful with this topic. There are a lot of people who love that they moved and it’s working out well for them. I could be pleasantly surprised and find that I love it too if I made the move but right now I still can’t decide if I’m going to take the plunge one day. But I’ll definitely be visiting the area more to try to make the decision. °O°


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