The Frozen Invasion

If any of you have been to my YouTube channel, you might have seen this video about my thoughts on the Frozen ride that is taking the place of the now closed and gone Maelstrom ride in the Norway Pavilion of Epcot’s World Showcase. And if you’ve seen the video, then you’ll know that I liked Frozen, I’m just not super duper pumped about the new ride being placed there. In fact, I’m increasingly less excited about seeing Frozen themed stuff every time I turn around.

I liked the movie, I sing the songs, I even waited in line at Disney World during the Expedition Everest Challenge race weekend in May to meet Ana and Elsa (crap…I still need to finish that trip/race report :/ ). But Frozen has been incorporated in so many areas of Disney Parks and apparently everything else in life that I’m feeling like the icy walls are closing in on me.

Elsa has been lighting up Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom this season, this year’s Disney Parks parade was turned into the Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration (and featured very little parade…), and even the upcoming Princess Half Marathon has lots of Frozen flare. Check out the medals for the 2015 races:

Photo from the Disney Parks website.
Photo from the Disney Parks website.
Frozen water…wait, that would make it ice, right?

Aside from the bazillion and a half Frozen themed clothing items, games, toys and housewares available, there’s also stuff like Frozen duct tape and even bottled water. Two days ago I went to buy my usual 24 pack of bottled water to find that the only packs available with 24 or more bottles were these:

My 16 year old took one look and started to ask, “Why did you get-” but I quickly cut him off and said “Let it go!” He wasn’t as amused as I was….they never are. 😛

I suppose I need to just get used to this Frozen phenomenon. As popular as this movie has been, Disney will ride the money coat tails as long as they can. Again I say, I liked Frozen. It just doesn’t have to be in EVERYTHING! If they manage to incorporate some Frozen characters or references into The Walking Dead…well, ok that actually would make me giggle!

See Ya Real Soon!



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