Disney Jinxing Myself

Our MagicBands for the trip I cancelled. :/
Our MagicBands for the trip I cancelled. 😦

I’m supposed to be all packed and preparing to leave for my first ever December trip to Walt Disney World. I’ve even got our Magicbands ready to go! But, turns out my first ever December trip is not going to be in 2014. (Womp womp…)

Yeah, remember all of my talk about not cancelling, gonna suck it up and make it work, blah blah, yada yada and whatever else I said about this trip? Well, I ended up postponing my trip AGAIN. I’m super sick and tired of this recent theme of postponing our family trip. So now I think I’ll just surprise everyone with when I’m actually going next. Mostly because I think I jinx myself by posting about when I’m going.  Actually….I’m 99.9% sure I’ll tell you all when I am going. Let’s be real, I can’t keep that kind of information to myself. On the bright side, even though I cancelled the December trip, Disney still sent me the Magicbands meant for the trip. I’m assuming they were already made and ready to get shipped and just got sent anyway. Not sure how that works. They mailed them about 4 days after I cancelled.

And since 2 of my amazing Disney friends are travel agents, I’ll be using them to book and help me with my next Disney World vacation planning! This is a big deal for me because I’ve never used a travel agent. I’m a control freak, especially about my Disney trips, but I’ve decided to walk on the wild side. Heaven help Tina and Don with having to deal with me! I’m Disney Obsessed and overall insane. °O°

If you want help planning your next Disney (or other destination) vacation, let me know so that I can point you in the direction of Tina and Don! They’ll have their Facebook page up soon, so I’ll post that soon!

In other news, the Princess Half Marathon is so close I can smell it! Or maybe that’s my running gear… I promise to document it and do better than my previous Race Report that still isn’t finished. :/

See Ya Real Soon!


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