Wil Run for Disney4 weeks from today I will be running my first half marathon.

It was crazy enough when I even began running and did my first ever runDisney race in May at the Expedition Everest Challenge. I really didn’t think I’d go ahead and progress from that 5k to a half marathon. And I certainly didn’t think I’d want to also do a half marathon at Disneyland later this year in order to get my runDisney Coast to Coast medal.

I’ve had numerous people invite me to do non-Disney races closer to home and less expensive than runDisney, but I ONLY got serious about running in order to do runDisney races. Since I was too late to register for the final Expedition Everest Challenge and the Tower of Terror 10 miler was axed for this year, I don’t think I’ll be doing any other races besides the Princess Half Marathon and whichever Disneyland half that I decided on.

I have to admit I’m both excited and nervous. I still have to do run/walk/run intervals because otherwise my knee starts hurting after the first few miles. My goal is just to finish! I know I can do it but I’m still slightly nervous.

I’m also trying to plan better so that I can get my trip report for this weekend documented and posted on here in a timely manner (and actually finish it…unlike the previous trip report). Aside from my first half marathon, there will be several other firsts for me on this short trip!

I’m even more excited that shortly after the half marathon trip, I’m finally having my family vacation trip with my kids! There’s just lots going on for me this year that I never would have thought I’d be doing in my life! Like they say on Carousel of Progress, there’s a great big, beautiful tomorrow!
Crazy. 😉

See Ya Real Soon!


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