Trip/Race Report- Part 2


It’s time for part 2 of my Expedition Everest Challenge trip/race report!

Now that your applause has died down, let me tell all of you who may not have read Part 1 that you can find part 1

And on with Part 2!

Ok, so after eating at La Cantina de San Angel in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot, Maria, Shari and I headed to get a treat for dessert at Karamell-Küche in the Germany pavilion. Maria and I each got a bag of caramel popcorn and Shari got a caramel rice crispy treat. Or maybe it had caramel and chocolate on it. I don’t exactly remember…so for the sake of this trip report, I’m gonna say it had both caramel and chocolate. What I DO remember is that my popcorn was insanely delicious! It was still raining but neither rain nor shine was gonna keep us from riding some rides! Wait…shine would have been better…so that totally made no sense, but you get what I meant.

Yummy treats at Karamell Kuche. Picture from because my phone was already dead before we got to Epcot.
Yummy treats at Karamell Kuche! Picture from because my phone was already dead before we got to Epcot.

With treats in hand, we made our way back towards Test Track. Epcot wasn’t all that busy (probably because of the rain. But this makes for one of the best times to be in the Disney Parks!). As we got closer, we realized that the attraction wasn’t in operation. We already knew that this was a big possibility since it was raining, but we thought we’d try anyway. Since Test Track was gonna be a no-go, we headed towards the opposite side of Future World to see what we could ride. This late in the evening we didn’t even try to see if we could select a Fastpass+. But like I said, it wasn’t crazy busy and really we were just finding some attractions to ride until we left the park so after some quick assessments of wait times, we decide to go to The Seas With Nemo and Friends.

After we found Nemo, we headed to The Land pavilion so that we could get on Soarin’. This is a favorite of mine and luckily the wait wasn’t very long. I’d never waited in the Standby queue for Soarin’ so I had no idea that there was the wall with an interactive game. It was in this moment that I realized what a Fastpass snob I really am! Hee hee… We got onto Soarin’ even faster because several of the groups ahead of us were more than 3 people and it so happened that a party of 3 was needed to fill the next flight! While we waited through the pre-show and got instructions on how to enter the flight room, a girl with her boyfriend in the row next to us suddenly stopped to ask us if we’d been on the ride before and did we like it. Turns out she’s afraid of heights. Her boy friend was comforting her and telling her it was gonna be alright. We, however were like…”Uhhhhh…well…” and we told her how we love the ride but yeah, she might have issues if she’s afraid of heights. Her boyfriend seemed intent on her riding, so on she went. We kept an ear out for her screams, but she ended up relaxing during the flight and she actually ended up enjoying it! It’s always fun to see someone enjoy themselves when they were apprehensive in the beginning of a ride!

Oh look! Another picture that was not from this trip. What a surprise...
Oh look! Another picture that was not from this trip. What a surprise…

Once we were done with Soarin’, we went ahead and got on Living With the Land. Here was another first for me! I mean, I’ve been on Living With the Land half a bazillion times, but I’d never been on it at night. It was different to see the greenhouse under the night sky. I loved it! Around now is when we discussed how Maria had been at work all day, had to work in the morning, and how Shari and I needed some rest to be up early for rope drop the next morning. But first, we had to ride Spaceship Earth! It’s a Must Do for all of us! The relaxing and slow-moving ride made me even more tired so once we were done, we made our way back to Pop Century. Maria drove us back and we headed to our room to rest up for what the next day had in store! And I’m not even talking about the race yet! 😀

See Ya Real Soon!


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