Expedition Everest Challenge Weekend- Trip/Race Report Part 1


Now that it’s been almost 3 weeks since my first runDisney event, I suppose I’ll post my race weekend trip report!

Our story begins when I arrived at MCO airport and met my running teammate Shari! We had some technical difficulties finding each other in the airport. I called her and I’m all like “I’m standing right in front of the Disney Store!” And then she was all, “Really? Cuz I’M standing right in front of the Disney Store!” So after a few minutes of me turning circles and looking at all possibilities of folk walking near the Disney Store, we played some phone Marco Polo and finally found one another. All I can say is: Dear MCO Airport, please stop having so many Disney Store locations…. :/

Shari rented a car so instead of me taking Disney’s Magical Express to Pop Century, she drove us there. We planned to just drive straight to ESPN Wide World of Sports to pick up our race packets before checking in to our room, but since we passed Pop Century first we decided to go ahead and park the car and use the Disney transportation to head to the race Expo. It had already been raining when we left the airport and it was still raining on the bus ride to the expo. This bit of information didn’t seem to trigger my mind to get the umbrella out of my suitcase before we left the car, so on the walk from the area that the bus driver dropped us off at to the entrance of ESPN WWoS we got a bit soggy.

The only usable picture I got at the race expo. It's a wall that participants could sign their names on!
The only usable picture I got at the race expo. It’s a wall that participants could sign their names on!

The expo wasn’t very big, I guess the rain prompted some of the vendors not to even set up their tents. It didn’t take us long to see all that there was to offer (which really wasn’t much), then we decided to leave. Shari contacted our friend Maria who picked us up and after making a stop at Maria’s apartment, we checked into our Room at Pop Century and then headed to Epcot to get something for dinner.

Let me take a moment to explain why there aren’t many pictures in this trip report. I had big plans to do an Instagram trip report during race weekend! I totally planned to flood my followers’ feeds with fabulously filtered and bordered pictures from Walt Disney World all weekend including some of me and Shari during the Expedition Everest Challenge itself…but my phone had other plans. From the moment I got off of the plane in Orlando, my phone decided it was it’s vacation too and it would not hold a charge to save its life! There aren’t many pictures from this weekend because my phone died quite frequently during this trip. I took my video camera too but it takes crappy stills. But I’ll post what video I managed to get once I get it all edited together. In the meantime, continue reading my trip report which contains almost no photos. :/

Once we arrived at Epcot, I used my MagicBand for the very first time!! Now, I had months and months of ups and downs thinking about whether or not I was gonna hate wearing a MagicBand. I WILL say that it didn’t fit quite right. The shape was just so that it didn’t really sit right on my wrist. Shari had the same issue so it’s not like I just have weird wrists. Or maybe Shari just has weird wrists too.

First on our agenda for Epcot was to get something to eat. After I doused Shari’s hopes and dreams by nixing the idea to get fish and chips from the UK pavilion (because I don’t eat fish), we decided on La Cantina de San Angel in the Mexico pavilion. Maria and Shari had the nachos and I got the Tacos de Pollo. Mexican food is my favorite, and my chicken tacos where pretty darn good! Oh yeah, I got a Lime Pomegranate Frozen Tequila Mojito too. That was really good!

Once we finished our meals, Shari suggested we go get a sweet treat from one of her favorite places! I’ll tell you all about it in my next post! Here’s a hint: You’ll see “Werther” or not I bought a yummy treat too! 😉

See Ya Real Soon!



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