Back on Track


Man, oh man….lots of craziness has been happening in my life and I went almost 2 weeks without running. It definitely took it’s toll but I got my rear in gear and went for a run today. All of the usual people that I see at the track were there and a couple of new faces. It got me thinking about the nicknames I’ve given some of the regulars that I see when I’m running. Does anyone else do this?

For instance, there’s a red head who walks every day. She considers her walks a break from her husband and kids, and she’s glad it’s starting to get warmer so her dog can go out in the backyard more. She recently decided to try adding running intervals to her walks because she sees that I run/walk during my training. She also won’t ever dare try to do a half marathon because she’s not “that brave.” (I told her she’s a rock star and she could do it if she decided to!) How do I know all of this? She told me. She likes to talk to me for a few seconds every time I pass her. She loves to talk to people at the track. I call her Chit Chat.

Then there’s a guy who shows up about the same time each day that I’m there who only runs a mile. He gets out of his truck, makes a call on his cell phone and then he runs a mile. He seems to be doing a cool down mile after working out somewhere else. He always looks sweaty in his workout attire when he arrives. I call him Mile Man. I know, I’m not very creative with these nicknames.

Then there’s Just Judy. Now, her name isn’t Judy as far as I know, but I started out calling her “Just Here to Look Cute” and eventually told myself that was too long and I made it Just Judy because Judy was the first J name that came to mind. (Probably because of Ellen’s Energy Adventure…Stupid Judy) Anywho, Just Judy shows up in a really cute workout outfit, she stretches and then runs one lap. Then someone always manages to call her cell phone after the first lap and she talks very loudly as she walks very slowly about 2 more laps and goes up and down a short flight of stairs near the bleachers. Then she grabs her 2 liter of water that she brings and leaves. Ok, it’s probably just 1 liter, but all I know is that she never drinks any of the water while she’s at the track.

So I know it’s not that nice for me to be giving people nicknames, and I know I’m very nosey because I notice far too many details about these people and make assumptions about them, but running at the track gets uber boring and this is how I entertain myself sometimes. One day I’ll find routes to run where I don’t have to dodge roaming dogs and crazy drivers, but until then I’ll make friends with some of the Tracksters and maybe one day someone will tell me the nickname they have for me…which could be something like “Slow, Chunky Chick who’s always watching people while she run/walks” :/

By the way…Expedition Everest Challenge is almost here!! Woo hoo!

See Ya Real Soon!



  1. Great post. Great title…. that was going to be the name of my actual blog, but I thought that I wouldn’t actually be ‘back on track’ for too long following an injury.

    I’ve competed in athletics for 12 years and have been at the track pretty much every week, but have never thought of others in that way. I call myself a veteran, even though I’m only 25 as I seem to have been one of the longest standing members, and I call the endurance group the ‘joggers’. It’s a long standing joke, as they are runners and athletes in my eyes. I also dapple in the endurance.

    But others I have never thought about…. tonight at the track I will try and think of some and get back to you.

      • Well… I got in to a bit of a rage at the track with a group. Firstly my session had not gone well, so was a bit frustrated anyway.

        But we have some rules at our track, lane 1 is for wheelchair users, lanes 2/3/4 for athletes doing reps of 200m+ and 5/6/7/8 for spinters and hurdlers. The sprinters were doing some slow, jog around the track when I was running and did not move out the way. So only angry names are going through my head. However, one name I always have is for the really long distance runners…. the split kings and queens. They are always talking splits, pace per mile or pace per km.

      • My run tonight was frustrating too! There was little league baseball practice on a field next to the track so there was about 15 moms with strollers on the track and tons of little kids playing on the track. I don’t care who uses the track but I was dodging lots of people and at some points having to go off the track to pass little groups of people walking all 7 lanes deep with strollers. Good times…

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only person that names people they don’t know but see regularly. I also imagine their inner dialog while they are running, walking, etc.

    • Oh wow! I do the inner dialog thing sometimes too! I’m awesome at making up scenarios and sometimes reacting to them as if the really happened! Haha!

  3. Hi there! This is my first visit to your blog and Thank you for making me literally lol as I read! My sister and I use to play a game like this as we would sit in the car and wait for our mom who was in the store/bank/post office/ etc. But we would make up stories and fake lives about the people walking past.

    My favorite regulars on my running route are 3 golden retrievers and the old man that walks them. I see them regularly and it makes my day!

    • Hahaha! Well after my experience with tonight’s run, I’m about ready to run off the track. Then I’ll have a new group of regulars to name! Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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