Happy Thoughts Make you Run

youcanflyOk, so last time that I did a running related post I told you about my knee issues and how I was sad that I wasn’t able to run and blah, blah, blah. Well getting straight to the point here, I did not go to the doctor yet, and after waiting a couple more days I headed back out to try a run. I had my brace on and was feeling great! I decided that my main goal was to only go as long as my knee would let me. I focused on my form and on my stride and made sure I did run/walk/run intervals.

I also made sure to stay positive and I spent a lot of time telling myself things like:

“You can do this!”
“Concentrate…take it easy.”
“Hakuna Matata”
“Don’t give up!”
“You can fly, you can fly, YOU CAN FLY!”

Yeah, I was singing some Disney movie songs every once in a while! After 3 miles my knee was holding up nicely so I kept going. Then after 4 miles I was so excited that I kept up my happy thoughts and ended up making it for 5 miles!! Yes, I had to do my intervals most of the time but I finished 5 miles for the first time and I was so happy!! It was only 27° F that evening but I dressed for the weather and the cold didn’t bother me.
My next run a couple of days later it was 17° and windy. I decided to only run 3 miles that day because the wind made it feel like -3° and my layers weren’t as helpful that time. It was a little warmer for my run yesterday (40°) and so I decided I should try for 5 miles again. My knee didn’t give me much trouble and I only had to incorporate some walking for a little bit during mile 4! I FEEL GREAT!!
I’m feeling a lot more confident in my running ability and I think as long as I keep positive and concentrate on my form, I’ll have no trouble running the Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November!! I already know that the  Expedition Everest Challenge in May is gonna be so much fun and I’m looking forward to bigger and better things where my running and fitness are concerned!
On a side note, my brother-in-law wants me to do a Tough Mudder in October. I’m all up for that but I’m wondering if that’s a bad idea with my half coming up the next month. What do you think??
See Ya Real Soon!

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