True Story of a Disney Addict


Let me tell you a short story…
Once upon a time, I postponed my Walt Disney World vacation twice in 4 months and it made me cranky and Disney depressed. The End.

This story is based on actual events. Well, it’s not just based on actual events, this story happened. 100%. True story. I lived it. It sucks.

You may recall that I was originally going back to Disney World in March (you know, this month) but life stuff happened and I pushed my trip back to the end of May. Well, some more life stuff has happened and I’ll be darned if I don’t have to push my trip back even further.

This is bad news to my Disney obsessed brain. I wanna take squeaky toys from puppies and take ice cream cones from kids and replace them with frozen broccoli stalks. I’m telling you, I’m going all Disney Villain up in here! My couple of days at Disney World for the Expedition Everest Challenge don’t really make things better (ummm, ok maybe that does make it a little better) because my kids aren’t going with me and I enjoy my Disney time with my boys.

I’ll get over the initial shock of having to postpone again…but I can’t be held responsible for the acts of not-niceness that I’ll undoubtedly commit for the next several days and/or weeks. Ok, ok…I can’t really bring myself to be too mean while I’m in cranky mode, but I’m gonna at least irritate my coworkers like crazy by singing “Let it Go” from Frozen all day! Ha! Take that world! °O°

See Ya Real Soon!


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