My Disney Bucket List

disneybucketA while back I typed up all of the Disney related things I want to do. I very obviously named this document My Disney Bucket List. I distinctly remember there were 37 items on this list when I saved it. Yesterday I sat down to write a post discussing the first few things on my Disney Bucket List, so of course I searched in my document folder for my list as reference and….well, it’s not there! I have two laptops so I thought that I must have saved it on my other laptop so I looked there too. Nope. Nothing. I checked all my folders on both laptops, I checked my phone, I searched in my email accounts, double checked that there was no saved post here where maybe I saved it. No, no, no and no. <Sigh>

This makes me sad. 😦 I can definitely rewrite/type up my list again, but I know how my brain works and I’m bound to forget some of the items that I’d already put on the list. I’m sure eventually all of the items (and then some) will pop into my head, but I’m just frustrated with myself that I managed to somehow delete my Disney Bucket List. Maybe it was a close friend or family member who was tired of me always bringing up Disney! Nah, they’d all know that doing that would just cause me to talk about Disney even MORE while complaining about the missing list.

Some good has come of this, though! I’ve been wanting to start a vlog for and this lost document snafu prompted me to get a YouTube channel started! My videos will sometimes be related to posts here and I’ll be posting here to notify you when there’s a new video on my channel. My first video is about my Disney Bucket List! Check it out by clicking HERE.

Don’t forget to follow this blog and subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you don’t miss anything! Well, I’m off to type up my list again! I’ll triple check that it’s saved in more than one place this time!

See Ya Real Soon!



  1. Brillant!!! What a great idea for a post. There are still things I would like to do at Disney even after being there so many times. Its such a great vacation spot. Because you are forced to keep going back, you fall in love with the familiarity but are excited for the new surprises.

    • I agree that you’re forced to keep going back! There’s still so many things I haven’t experienced and of course there are the things I want to experience over and over again! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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