4th of July, My Birthday Month & Don’t Touch My Wallet

July 4thHappy 4th of July America!! This holiday reminds me of what our forefathers did to make the United States of America an independent country back in 1776. This holiday also reminds me of how I really want to be celebrating at Disney World for the 4th (and pretty much every other holiday). WDW has fireworks shows every day of the year, but I’m sure I would cry even harder if I was able to watch the Independence Day fireworks…and I may or may not be about to cry right now thinking about how awesome that would be. <Insert awkward silence while I dab my eyes>

It’s also my birthday month and so far the highlight of July is when I got a Disney Nerds wallet in the mail on July 1st from my Disney pal Deb!


I love it, I love it, I love it!! I haven’t even moved all of my stuff over from my old wallet into my Disney wallet because I’m afraid to get the Disney wallet dirty by dropping it, holding it, or otherwise using it normally. It’s like it’s a valuable collectable that I’d rather put in a protective bag and place on a display shelf but please don’t look at it too long or try to pick it up because I will freak out and then ask you to leave my house and then I’ll forever label you as “That person” who tried to destroy my Disney Nerds wallet and though I will be polite to you after I will never invite you over again because clearly you are a cruel and spiteful individual… Yes, that was a long run on sentence, but my brain doesn’t use punctuation when I panic about imaginary situations.

Speaking of imaginary situations, I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to figure out when my next Disney World trip will be. My closest Disney friends and I keep trying to plan a meet up trip all together and quite frankly, it’s nearly impossible for me. Several people are going in late September/early October, and though that’s a great time to go, I can’t take my kids out of school for a trip at that time and I’m not willing to go alone and ask my parents to watch my kids. Some others are going in December and I totally want to go during my kids’ winter break. The main problem is that I want to go to WDW in March of 2014 AND hit up Star Wars Weekends in 2014 in May or June. But also, two of my Disney friends are marrying each other next June and I want to go to their wedding in Chicago and then all of my Disney Crew hopes to go to Disney while they are there for their Disneymoon (that’s obviously a honeymoon at Disney)! So if I do my December trip, I can’t really go in March, May AND June! March would be when my oldest son would be performing at a Disney park so I can’t miss that. I want to be able to go on all of these trips but unless I win the lottery, going on all of these trips only exists in my imagination. Cue Figment singing “Imagination! Imagination! A dream can be a dream come true. With just that spark. In me and you.”

It’s times like these that I tell myself that if I lived in the Orlando area, I could get a Florida resident Annual Pass and go to the parks whenever I want!! Dare to Disney Dream! Well, it’s time for me to prepare for 4th of July festivities at my sister’s house where I will spend a portion of the time convincing her and her husband that they need to go to Disney World with us in March. She’s going to throw things at me…of this I am certain. 🙂

Have a safe holiday! See Ya Real Soon!



    • I really want a Nerds shirt, but I have never found one that looked like it would fit comfortably. I’ve been losing weight so maybe by the next time I visit Disney World I can buy a shirt that I’ll fit in better! Thank you!

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