“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!”

timeOk, so I was admittedly overambitious when I thought I’d have time to do a legit vlog WHILE I was still here at Walt Disney World! Sorry for the Sweet Brown reference in the title, but I was saying this to myself once I realized there was no way I was gonna single handedly shoot video AND take in all the Magic that is Disney World! My kids aren’t quite helpful enough to help and actually get the shots I had/have in mind. But eh, what can ya do?

We’re having so much fun and have been staying on the go most of the day, and when we are in the room here at Pop Century, we’re napping or heading to the pool! I have a bit of “down” time later today (a.k.a. when I’m doing laundry) and I plan to do a highlights post then!

But for now, I’ve gotta finish getting ready so we can head to Magic Kingdom for rope drop! We have a lot I want to do there today!

See Ya Real Soon!


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