Almost There!

Well, my vacation technically started on Friday, but the past 2 days have just been the long boring road trip from Texas to Florida, so not much was going on besides us getting tired of being in the van.  So now, it’s Sunday morning and we’re in Tallahassee so we have about 4 hours of driving this morning before we arrive at Disney World.

It’s almost 7am here, which is 6am back home…and with daylight savings time beginning today and the hour time zone difference, we lost 2 hours somewhere between last night and this morning. I have to go get my kids up and dressed so we can get going in about an hour and get to my Happy Place ASAP!!

I didn’t want to start my vlog with the uneventful footage of us doing nothing for 2 days, so I made this very short video as a prequel to the Disney World vacation vlog that I’ll be posting on YouTube!

Here’s the link to the first video:

See Ya Real Soon!


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