The 5 Day Anxiety

stressed mickeyIn 2 weeks I’ll be on my way to my Happy Place! YAY!!! I can’t wait! I’ve been working on my plans for which park we’ll be at on each day and what we want to see and do (and watching A LOT of Disney related vacation videos on YouTube and Stacey’s Must Do Disney program that is on it’s own channel when you stay at a Disney Resort Hotel). Here’s the basic plan for my days:

Day 1– Arrival day! We’re driving from Texas, but more than likely we will arrive between 2:00 and 4:00 to Pop Century. After we get checked in to our room, we’re heading to Epcot. I want to stay for Illuminations!

Day 2–  Disney’s Hollywood Studios (I still sometimes call it MGM…)

Day 3–  Animal Kingdom, then Downtown Disney that afternoon/evening. If the wait isn’t too long, we’ll be going to Splitsville!

Day 4– Magic Kingdom

Day 5–  Epcot

We leave early the next morning to start the drive back home…  😦

We always start out in one park at Rope Drop (park opening) and then head back to the room in  the afternoon to rest and for some pool time, then Park Hop to a different park (usually) later the same day. I wish I hadn’t agreed to leave a day earlier than I planned. This 5 days crap is giving me anxiety!! If airfare wasn’t so dang high, we’d be doing 7 days minimum. I haven’t done a 5 day Walt Disney World trip in YEARS!! I realize 5 days in WDW is better than none, but I keep trying to find the time off to be there for a 10 day trip so 5 days seems like a step backwards! Ok, enough of my whining! I’m grateful that I even get to go!!

The hardest part of planning for this year is trying to prioritize which attractions we’re going to do! I originally wanted to focus on rides and shows we haven’t done in a long time or at all, but my kids started giving me feedback and next thing I know, we’re adding attractions that I thought we’d skip. Sheesh! We are only there 5 days, but I probably have 7 days worth of plans! I think we’ll just have to play it by ear cuz I’m also meeting up with some of my Facebook Disney Group friends too! So much fun, so little time! 🙂

My real life friends and coworkers asked me to do a video diary or vlog when we leave so that they can see our Disney adventure. That’s right up my film-making alley, so I’ve also been trying to plan that out cuz that is not an area to be entered into lightly! But I’m excited! I’ll post it or a link to it here while I’m on my vacay!

Ok, I’ve got lots to do today, so…..

See Ya Real Soon!


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