We’re Going on a Trip!

going-on-a-trip“We’re going, we’re going, we’re going on a trip! Planes, trains, and taxi cabs, all the choices hip!”

I sing this alot! Mostly to myself, but sometimes when I’m at work or with friends and they always think I’m crazy! In case you didn’t know, it’s a song from the cartoon Bobby’s World. Does anyone remember Bobby’s World? Howie Mandel was the voice of Bobby. But anyway, I’m singing this NOW because I booked my room at Pop Century for my Walt Disney World vacation in March!!! Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Go Me! Go Me! I really should do some video blog entries sometimes so you can see my geeky dances and such that go along with moments like this!

I can’t wait to get back to my Happy Place! Contrary to my happy song that I told you I’ve been singing, I am not taking a plane, train or taxi cab to get to WDW this year. I’d rather take a plane but the cost of airfare out of the airports near me is crazy high, so we’re road tripping again this year! My mom, again, insist on she and my dad driving us because apparently being single (no matter how old I am) puts a bright target on my car that attracts danger and peril. But this year I’m just gonna roll with it because I’m not gonna dampen my good mood with trying to convince them they are being too overprotective of a 38 year old woman. And I’m also not trying to woo a man so that I can invite him to go and therefore making my mom feel better about my travel option. “Ain’t nobody got time for tha!” 😀

This trip, I’m planning on focusing on things that me and my boys haven’t done at all or haven’t done in a while. But the problem I’m having is that I’m only gonna be at Disney World for 5 days this trip and it seems like I have 7 days worth of things to do! Plus, I’m having a meet up with at least 3 of my Facebook Disney Group friends! I’m super excited about that too! I’ve met so many awesome people on message boards and Facebook and it’s awesome that my trip coincides with some of theirs! There’s so much still on my Must Do list even though I’m not trying to do everything we normally do on our visits! I for sure want to see the New Fantasyland, the new Test Track version and hit up all of the nightly fireworks shows, but I also want to go to the new bowling alley Splitsville and my kids want to do DisneyQuest again. And since Characters in Flight is operating again, I really want to do that again but at night this time! Sigh…If only we didn’t have to sleep…

Ok, well I’ve got to go use all of my trip planning resources to keep working out my touring plan details!

See Ya Real Soon!


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