First World (Disney) Problems

Last week, I had the following discussion with a friend:

Friend: “Hey, are you ok? Are you getting sick or something?”

Me: “Ummm…nooooo. Just have a few things on my mind that I can’t decide on.”

Friend: “You wanna talk about it?”

Me: “Nah, I’ll figure it out…”

Friend: “Come on! You seem really down.”

Me: (Hesitant to have this discussion with said friend) “I just….I’m having trouble deciding on dates for my Disney World trip…”

Friend: (After staring at me blankly for what seemed like an hour) “Sooooooo, you’re stressed out about when to go to Disney World? Again….”

This is the part where my friend went on and on about how most people don’t get to go to places like Disney World, most people are lucky to even get a vacation at all, she can’t believe I am worrying about when to go….blah blah blah. She complained that I’m even going again when she claims she’ll never be able to afford it. I heard a lot of “Oh, poor baby.” in a rather sarcastic tone during her rant. I just sat and listened, and smiled. I’ve heard it all before from friends and family. I pointed out that I spend less on my vacation every year than she does on her designer clothes, getting her hair and nails done every month and her frequent eating out. She still doesn’t think that’s possible.

Everyone spends their money on what they deem important to them. I save and budget specifically for Disney. And yes, I’m stressing myself out because I can’t decide whether to go in March or wait until the beginning of June. This is definitely a frivolous First World Problem. Or more appropriately, a First World Disney Problem.

I STILL haven’t figured out when I’m gonna go to WDW! This past March was great! The weather was awesome and the week that I went had very manageable crowds. But on the other hand, June has Star Wars Weekends and I can stay 3 more days in June than if I go in March. So it’s either cooler temps and better crowds in March, or Star Wars Weekends and a longer stay in June. Either way, I’m (re)planning a December trip for 2013 so that I can see all of the holiday decorations and the Gingerbread houses at Grand Floridian!

My Facebook Disney friends have been posting pictures from their trips over the past few weeks and they’re getting me all pumped up about seeing the new Fantasyland expansion and Be Our Guest restaurant. I’ve gotta figure out when I’m going and soon! I’ve given myself til the end of December to commit to my dates! Wish me luck! 🙂

See Ya Real Soon!





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