Me and Minnie Ears

My Minnie Ears selfie…they’re trying to squeeze my brain out of my skull…

Even though I collect a lot of random junk stuff from Walt Disney World, one thing I have yet to have a collection of is the headband style Minnie Ears. It’s not that I don’t like them or don’t think they are cute, I actually like a lot of them! The only thing that has saved me from spending an ungodly amount of money on multiple pairs of Minnie Ears is the fact that I have a big head.

And nope, it’s not just big because I’m overweight. Even when I was not Pooh Sized, I could not wear Minnie Ears because my head is too big and they are uncomfortable. Around 2016 or so, I went ahead and bought a pair of the black with a red bow sequin Minnie Ears because I decided that if I got some and wore them a lot, I’d stretch out the band enough to be able to wear them in the parks all day. I was wrong. It didn’t work.

Ok, did I really wear them long enough? Maybe not. I wore them around the house for an hour or two at a time for a few weeks and tried to gently stretch the headband part everyday for a minute, but that didn’t help. I wore then for about half a day in the parks one trip and they were just squeezing my noggin way too much and I got a headache. I tried wearing them for just a couple of hours on another trip but I couldn’t get them to sit comfortably and I wasn’t trying to have another headache, so off they went.

Some people have suggested I try a pair made by someone from Etsy or the like, but I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that my head is not made for hats or headbands. The headbands I can wear aren’t sturdy enough for ears to be attached, and have to sit more forward on my head to be comfortable. Also, no shade to anyone who makes ears, but part of the allure for me is getting ones sold at Disney Parks or Shop Disney.

I may go ahead and try some hand made ears next year because I’m having this urge to be that so-called “weird” adult mid-40s woman wearing Minnie Ears in the parks. I may or may not also be carrying an adult beverage. The Disney heart wants what it wants… °O°


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