Training for Disney World

The last few weeks I’ve been thinking about how I need to lose weight and exercise. Earlier today I thought about how much I struggled during one of the first visits to Walt Disney World where I was really overweight and out of shape. It was downright miserable. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved being at Disney World and had fun, but that trip was one of the first where I realized I didn’t fit as comfortably in some of the rides and I got tired after walking and standing all day in the parks.

The years that I was more physically active made it easier to get around when I went on my vacations to Disney World. When I moved to a more sedentary job and lifestyle, it really wreaked havoc on my vacation experience. I got tired a lot quicker and I was so sore from visiting the parks. I hadn’t been that tired or sore visiting the parks before and after a couple of trips in that condition, I started exercising more. It’s amazing how much of a difference it made. But then I once again was back to being more sedentary and I had a back injury on top of that.

Flash forward to now, I’m even more overweight and even more out of shape. I can’t stand the idea of going on another trip in this condition again so I started to get back into exercise and being more active beginning today. I’m just doing some aerobic activity with my exercise step at home a couple of times a week combined with going walking at the high school track a couple of times a week, but I’ll be adding some strength training in a few weeks too.

Being more comfortable at Disney World is my motivation, even though just being more healthy overall should be enough motivation. I know I’ll feel better everyday once I get back into being active and exercising regularly, and thinking about how much better my Disney World vacation will be is making me want to succeed! °O°

If you want to see the video I made about this, you can watch it here on my YouTube channel:


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