And Now, I Wait (For My Disney Trip)

Well, I did it! I (re)booked my trip that I originally was taking with my cousin last April. We decided on a week in March and since everyone already had their tickets from the original trip, I booked our Disney World resort and went ahead and made park reservations. And since I got my Disney Vacation Club points in my account last week, I went ahead and booked a shorter solo stay in January too!

Now I can only wait and see how things progress and hope that I’m able to keep my trips, specifically, the March trip. If I have to change the January trip to later in the year, it’s not as important as the trip I’m trying to take in March. Hopefully, my sons decide they are willing to travel with me by September or October next year, but I guess if not, it’ll just be me going, and I’m fine with that.

It’s kind of weird not to have much else to plan for the March trip, though. It doesn’t look like Park Hopping or FastPass+ will be back in play by then, so no worries there. And we’re not planning to eat at any table service restaurants as of right now, so I don’t have to try to get those booked. The biggest thing I have to focus on is losing some weight and getting in shape to hit the parks from open to close.

It’s been several years since I stayed at the parks from rope drop and didn’t go back to my room until the parks closed. But I’m trying to help my cousin and her wife see and do as much as possible when we’re there, so I have to be ready. They can obviously explore the parks without me, but considering that this will be either my first or second trip since November 2019, I’m excited to go and to grab some video for a trip report vlog!

It’s so weird for me to not have a Disney World trip at all in 2020. It’s been a long time since I skipped a year, but with all the craziness going on right now, I’m kind of ok with not getting my Disney fix this year…mostly.

I’ll be doing a trip report here on my blog too for anyone who prefers the written version to the video version. But for now, I wait. °O°


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