Relocating for Disney World?

EDITED TO ADD: I just realized I wrote about this already in July. Aparently, I think about it more than I realized.

I must admit that I’ve considered moving to the Orlando area for years (and years, and years). Before I ever had kids, I would talk about how great it would be to live near Disney World and I had those moments where I thought I’d also want to actually work in the parks. Even this year, I’ve revisited the idea of moving somewhere near Orlando. But I think the main thing that stops me every time is that I know that moving to be able to visit Disney World more frequently isn’t a great reason to move.

Compared to where I live now, the cost of living in the Orlando area and vicinity of Disney World is a little higher. During a stint where I was very seriously considering moving, I did a lot of research on rent costs, jobs and pay, weather, how other people who moved there felt, etc. This is when I realized that I might not be able to find a job that would pay me enough to afford to live there. I had already figured out that working at Disney World wouldn’t be a good option because here in Texas I was making a lot more than I would be able to make as a Cast Member. I’d have to live in a place a lot smaller, but more expensive and realistically, at that time, I probably would have to have 2 jobs to make sure I could make it.

I also tried to be realistic about the weather in Florida. Aside from how dang humid it gets, the thought of possibly having to evacuate sometimes during hurricane season was on my “Con” list. The heat and humidity isn’t a deal breaker, I have very similar temperatures in Texas, but it’s a little more intense in Florida so I assume the electric bill would be higher from running the air conditioner a lot more of the time.

Now that I work completely from home (even before the pandemic), it would be more likely that I could move near Disney World if I really decided to move. But I still have that part of me that can’t justify ONLY wanting to move in order to be close to Disney. I’ve thought of maybe trying to stay in the area for a month or two to check out how it might be to live there, but I still can’t decide if I would ultimately actually move there.

I thought writing about this might help me a little bit…so far, it hasn’t. I’ll think about it more and probably not move. Or maybe I will. °O°


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