The Post About the “Other” Theme Park

Last year some time, I decided that 2020 was going to finally be the year that I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando. As much as I LOVE Walt Disney World, I also love horror movies so Halloween Horror Nights has always been on my wish list to attend. When my sons were in school still, I made the decision not to take them out of school for a trip during the time that HHN were going on, so I told myself that once my youngest son graduated from high school, I’d go to HHN the following Fall.

He graduated this past Spring, but of course, things changed earlier this year and amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, that plan went out the window. Universal cancelled Halloween Horror Nights this year, and rightly so. I’m not sure how things will progress but I can only hope that things get back to as close to normal by this time next year that maybe HHN will be an option.

I guess, in an effort to keep this Disney World related, I’ll mention that Disney also cancelled it’s Halloween parties for 2020. I’ve never attended Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party, but I know that Disney’s Halloween parties are more family fun than scary, and though I will likely try to attend one year, my main focus is getting to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Here’s to good things happening in 2021! °O°


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