When It Rains While You’re At Disney World

I really don’t remember my early experiences with it raining while we were in the parks at Walt Disney World. My earliest rain related memory I can think of while at Disney is something along the lines of my dad going to buy the yellow rain ponchos that Disney sells. I assume my mom had watched the weather and knew it was going to rain more than the usual sudden and short downpour and she wanted to be ready. She’s always been a planner.

I’m sure that the very first time it rained while we were first visiting I probably was thinking that it meant we were going to leave the parks and go back to our hotel room (or back to the RV if it was my very first visit when we stayed at Fort Wilderness campgrounds). The only thing I know for sure is that I learned early on that if it rains while you’re at Disney World, you throw on your poncho, use your umbrella, or even without either of those, you keep on going.

Not everyone stays in the parks when it starts raining. Plenty of people freak out and head to the exit to leave whichever Disney World park they’re in, leaving slightly shorter attraction lines for those who stay. I figured out during the early visits that the rain doesn’t usually last very long, at least not during my trips. Honestly, a lot of the time, by the time someone walks out of the parks and to their car or to Disney transportation, the rain is already letting up and getting ready to stop.

Some outdoor rides shut down during the rain, especially if there is lightning, but so many rides and shows are inside so you can still keep touring the parks during the rain. I definitely recommend bringing shoes that won’t make you slip in the rain (and won’t get messed up by getting soaking wet) and staying in the parks when it rains while you’re at Disney World. °O°


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