“My Vacation Was Ruined” and Other Over-exaggerations

I can honestly say that I’ve never had a vacation go so bad that I considered it ruined. The closest thing to my vacation being ruined was the year my workplace went out of business a few months before my planned Disney World vacation, and I had to cancel because I needed to use the money I’d already paid to go towards bills while I looked for a new job. That actually ruined my vacation because I could no longer go on the vacation.

Have I had little snafus or inconveniences on my vacation that caused a temporary problem? Yes. Did they ruin my vacation? No.

I realize that this is not the case for everyone, but I also see a lot of people on social media or places like Trip Advisor talking about how something ruined their vacation when it really was just something that wasn’t what they hoped for or a moment of bad service. Maybe these people just reacted to it in such a way that they let it ruin their entire trip or experience instead of just being upset or grumpy about it for a few minutes and then moving on once it was addressed and hopefully, resolved.

For instance, I have seen a lot of posts from people who didn’t pay for preferred rooms or preferred views and then decided that Disney ruined their vacation by not upgrading them to a different room at check in. I can see why someone would be disappointed by this, but not getting a room type that you never actually booked in the first place can’t really be vacation ruining, can it?

I’ve also seen posts where people were very upset that their MagicBands ended up not working and they couldn’t get into their rooms. They had to get a Cast Member to help them and get the issue corrected. This has actually happened to me on more than one trip, and even though it was annoying and very inconvenient, I was just happy when the problem was fixed and I never even considered once that my vacation was ruined by this.

The ones that really baffle me are the people who say their Disney vacation was ruined because they saw another kid or family get a magical moment and they didn’t get one. I can’t relate to feeling that way at all so I don’t even know what to think about that. I would be amazed that I got to see the magic happening for the other family!

Ok, so there are no other overexaggertaions. This is all about people getting really upset and claiming their Disney World vacations were ruined by things that I don’t find to be big enough problems to have really “ruined” a vacation. It’s really all about how we react to situations and whether we let them bother us.

I get it. People save and spend a lot of money (sometimes spending unwisely) on a Disney vacation. They want everything to be absolutely perfect and if anything strays from that, they consider everything ruined from that point on. I guess for people with that mindset, it seems ruined for them. They probably feel they spent all of their money for nothing.

All I know is that if we all take the time to get past being upset or the disappointment when something goes wrong, we can make sure it doesn’t leave us feeling like anything was ruined if it really, truly wasn’t. Besides, your trip will probably be even more memorable because of the inconveniences and you’ll have that story to tell for a long time! °O°



  1. I completely agree. It helps so much to have the mindset that there will be setbacks on your trip, but the trip will be great anyway. We’ve had our share of moments that didn’t work out. I enjoy your window into the Disney magic, and I’m nominating you for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

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