Everything Reminds Me of Disney World

Most of the people that I talk to on a regular basis know that I manage to mention Disney World somehow at least once in whatever conversations I have. Some of my friends and family get super annoyed that I do this so I have to keep myself from saying anything Disney World related in front of certain people just to protect their delicate sensitive- Oh, who am I kidding! I don’t try to avoid talking about Disney for anyone anymore cuz it’s entertaining to have those select people get so annoyed about what I like. 😎

As a proud Disney World obsessed person, I find that something always ends up reminding me of Disney World, and I’m more than happy to bring it up to anyone who doesn’t even care. For instance, once when a friend of mine was talking about how she tried chicken and waffles, I ended up telling her about how that reminded me that I tried chicken and waffles at a food truck in Disney Springs but they drizzled ranch dressing on it and how I thought that was weird because who eats ranch on waffles? Also, I don’t like ranch… To be fair, it maybe wasn’t ranch? I wiped it off, to be honest, and what I could taste of it was ranchy. She didn’t care and wasn’t that impressed that I brought up Disney, again…

Before I took the ranch or whatever this sauce was off of the chicken. (Feb 2016)

Or earlier tonight my sister sent a Snapchat showing how she and her husband went to a local concert where they were able to just park and listen from the car if they wanted to but the picture looked a lot like the race corral “balloons” used for runDisney races. She didn’t reply to my snap commenting on that likeness, but I’m super used to her ignoring my Disney references.

I can’t help that so many things remind me of Disney World.

Any kind of crispy rice treats- remind me of the Mickey shaped ones at Disney World
Fireworks, anywhere- remind how they aren’t as good as the ones at Disney
Boats- remind me of boat transportation at Disney World
Cool looking new cars- remind me of Test Track
Transit buses- remind me of the Disney transportation buses
Going to the grocery store- Disney World
Grabbing some fast food- Disney World
Getting ready to go to bed- Disney World
Walking my dog- Disney World
Spilled some water- made a Hidden Mickey

Ok, so those are weird and not necessarily good examples. But the point is, I’m always linking Disney World back into something going on in my life or conversations. And I can’t help it and I’m fine with it. Is it really that much of a problem? I mean, it’s not like I’m posting almost daily on a blog dedicated solely to Disney World…. 🤫



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