It Is What It Is

Do you hate when people say “It is what it is?” I have a lot of friends who really dislike when anyone says that, but you know, it is what it is! 😉

I’m telling myself that it is what it is the past few days after discussing with my sons my plans for getting back to Disney World starting in March 2021. They’re 18 and 22 now so I ask their opinions on where they might want to go (as in, if they don’t want to go to Disney) and when, etc. since it’s just the three of us. Ever since my father died last year, I have been including my mom in our travel plans if she wants to go too.

Well, it turns out that my sons don’t want to go to Disney World as long as masks are still required and if there is still a lot of Covid-19 cases. My mom doesn’t even go to the parks anymore but she doesn’t want to travel to Florida if there are a lot of cases still at that time either. I absolutely don’t blame them. I’m not excited about having to wear a mask to Disney, but by now I know that if masks are still required in March (which is highly probable), I’m willing to wear one all day if I want to go to the parks.

My sons have decided that as of now, they don’t plan to travel at all, anywhere, until things improve dramatically. I’ve let them know that as of now, I’m moving forward with my plan to go in March and then again once or twice later in 2021. We’ll figure out as the months go by whether they decide to join me on any trips in 2021.

There was a time when I would have been sad and teary eyed to hear that they didn’t want to go to Walt Disney World, but I’ve long since gotten over that and they can make their own decisions about traveling and know I’ll make my own as well. Besides, this time it’s not about them not wanting to go to Disney World, and I completely respect their decision.

For now, I’m starting to get into planning mode since I will likely take my cousin and her wife in March for the trip we’ve canceled a couple of times already this year. I’m going to play it by ear and see where things are Covid-wise, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to mask up, social distance, and forge ahead with a trip to Disney World in March, because it is what it is. (Did I even use that correctly?) °O°



  1. Your viewpoints have been probably the most honest and down-to-earth that I have read about so far. I am very certain that Disney has done all it can do for their guests and cast members alike and now it s just up to the average person walking through the gate to comply with the new guidelines. This is definitely a time to think not only about how you re going to enjoy the experience, but help make others experiences just as magical by keeping the distance and wearing masks. Looking forward to heading down there in January for the marathon weekend.

    • Thanks so much! I appreciate your comment and I agree that it seems like Disney has done all it can to keep Cast Members and guests as safe as possible. You mentioned the marathon weekend in January…hasn’t that been converted to all virtual races for 2021? Or are you planning to visit the parks anyway? I miss doing runDisney but after the Wine and Dine weekend getting transitioned into virtual events, my son and I are waiting until races are allowed at the parks again (whenever that may be).

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