Magical Moments We’ve Had at Disney World

Cast Members at Disney World will sometimes go above and beyond to give guests a Magical Moment during their visit. There have been a handful of times over the years where the Cast Members at Walt Disney World did small gestures that made me and my kids smile. These moments are usually pretty random and sometimes people get really big and awesome Magical Moments (like getting upgraded to a deluxe room when you paid for a value resort), and sometimes it’s a small thing that means a lot (like giving kids a sticker or recognizing them as being a princess, prince, or pirate, etc.).

I’ve never had my room upgraded, but the things that have stood out to me really made me smile because they made my kids happy. For instance, one year, in Magic Kingdom, we sat down in Frontierland to take a quick break and have a snack. When my youngest son finished his snack before me and my oldest son, he had a Cast Member walk up to him and ask him if he knew how to play Tic-Tac-Toe. He did, so she asked if he wanted to play against her. He did… After he won three times she gave him a high five and told him how awesome he was and then proceeded to fill out this certificate dubbing him Tic-Tac-Toe Champ. He was so proud of that!

Wow…this didn’t seem so blurry in 2011.

Another time, my youngest pulled the sword from the stone in Fantasyland! My older son could not figure out why his little brother could do it when he wasn’t able to (I had to let him know that it’s controlled by someone who could release it when they wanted to). Man, my little guy was SUPER proud of himself that day. I was so excited that this happened!

My son pulling the sword from the stone!

Then on another day, my youngest son was pulled aside by two Disney Security guys in EPCOT near the UK pavilion and asked if he could help Mickey Mouse out for the day by being a Junior Security guard. Of course he said yes, and they gave him his “badge” to wear. He was less excited about this because it turned out that he did not want to be on the lookout for anyone doing bad stuff in the parks. But he wore his sticker all day and still thought he was pretty cool.

A close up of Zethan’s Junior Security Sticker

My older son had a couple of Magical Moments where Cast Members randomly gave him snacks for free. At the American Adventure Pavilion, he was given a Mickey shaped crispy treat because he “looked like he wanted one.” Then one trip he was wearing his birthday button and he got a couple of cupcakes given to him (one on two different days). Sorry, I didn’t take pictures of any of those treats.

The last one that I can remember is kind of weird and I’m not sure if it was meant as a Magical Moment or if the bus driver was just not wanting to pick guests up… But the year that my sons and I stayed at Coronado Springs, we got on the bus to whichever park we were going to and it was early morning and no one else at our bus stop was going to that park. The bus was already empty when we got on. I said hi to the driver and he was very nice and chatty. Before we reached the next internal bus stop at Coronado Springs, he said something to the effect of “Enjoy your private ride to Magic Kingdom!” (or whichever park we were going to, I don’t remember) And he didn’t pick anyone else up at all and just drove us straight to the park.

With this one, I was like…whaaaattttt just happened? I have a video clip that I made while we were on the bus because I was totally shocked that he did this. If you’ve ever waited for a bus at a Disney World resort, you know that it can get crazy and annoying when the buses take a long time to show up. Someone later told me that we were lucky that he didn’t kidnap us or something like that, and honestly that never even crossed my mind. I was more worried about the people who had to wait longer for the next bus because he did this. So even though he might have been trying to give us some kind of awkward Magical Moment, I was both impressed and shocked by this one. If I can find that video….I’ll come back and add it!

(Edited to add the video clip.)

If anyone has had any kind of Magical Moment, let me know! I love hearing about them! °O°


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  1. My favorite Magical Moment happened during the “Year of a Million Dreams” promotion. We were with a large family group. As we entered the park, four of us were given a FastPass lanyard that allowed us one free FastPass for each of the rides at Hollywood Studios. The rest of the group did not receive one. LOL We didn’t wind up using most of them because we were with a group. We have those lanyards out as a reminder of that day. Thanks for the fun magical memories!

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