Disney World With Newbies

I’ve realized recently that I love seeing Disney World first-time newbies experience going to the parks. I haven’t been on a trip with a newbie in a very long time but I usually end up chatting in line with someone who is there for the first time and get to hear them talking about how much they have loved the parks. It’s so fun to see how happy and excited they are, and not just kids, the adults too! Even though my sons have been numerous times, it was really fun to see their reaction to Pandora and riding Flight of Passage after I’d already been able to ride it during solo trips before that.

This is one of the reasons I was sad that my April trip had to be canceled once the parks closed due to Covid-19. My cousin hasn’t been to Walt Disney World since she was a little kid, and her wife has never been at all, so I was rather excited to take them with me. There’s just something about the look on someone’s face when they walk around the parks and see everything for the first time.

I’m still planning to take my cousin and her wife with me next year, and maybe this has worked out for the better since we’ll be able to have a longer trip than the one we had planned for last April. I’ve found that I’m looking forward (again) to planning for them to see as much as possible. We ended up with all of the FastPass+ that we wanted and I was so excited about that. It sounds like Disney may still be requiring/using the Park Reservation system when we plan to go on at least one of our trips next year, so I’ll have to wait to see how that works out. They may also still requiring masks for a while in 2021 (according to comments in news articles from the health officer for the Florida Department of Health in Orange County).

In any case, I think it’s still going to be so fun to visit Disney World with newbies and I can’t wait to get back! °O°



  1. We are less than a month for our return to Disney World. I don’t mind wearing the masks. Since we lost three family members to the virus last spring, the little sacrifices seem like nothing to us. We are actually looking forward to actually going without FastPasses. It will be interesting to see which new protocols Disney keeps and which ones they revert back to pre-Covid. As for seeing the parks with someone who has never been, it makes the experience more magical for me as well as them. Thanks for the article!

    • My condolences on the loss of the three family members. 🙁
      I know you’ll have a great time during your October trip! October has always been my favorite time to visit the parks!

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